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Posted by Cuddles | Jun 18, 2008 @ 11:10 AM | 7,173 Views
Since weather remains awful, i've decided to slightly extend the building season and building a kit...
Well lads...I can't remember wich was the last kit i bought....but i know i quitted buying because every time I was'nt happy about something.
It's been a while since i wanted to enter in the thermal duration world, those big gliders really have appeal.
So I looked for an entry level RES ship over here and the response was Art Hobby Thermic RES.
This is an impressive piece of kit and the building is pretty straightforward, but i wanted to customize it for my requirements: lightness .
I replaced those non airfoiled tailfeathers with some slightly enlarged ones made of contest 5mm balsa: 9g weight saving with a bigger K and no deadband problems.
I also discarded those bowdens and replaced with dyneema/carp fishing elastic.
Now the model is 95% done, i'm waiting for a synthetized receiver and should make some battery packs.
Planned weight is 670g...should float
Posted by Cuddles | Jun 04, 2008 @ 07:00 AM | 6,651 Views
I've finally maidened my Apogee!
I was expecting some tail heavy behaviour but i was wrong!
The first javelin launch required some three clicks of up trim.
A rather gentle DL and i was very high
Weather was overcast/no wind but i managed to spec out it.
Looking forward for some fine weather flying
Next time i will drag someone for photos