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Posted by helicoblast | Feb 07, 2012 @ 09:48 AM | 5,359 Views
Hi guys,

Here are some pics of my current build, an heavy lifter X8 based on the X468HD frame, with the DJI Wookong M.

I'm using X468 boom blocks and motor mounts, and the medium camera mount.
Motors are MT2814-11 (710Kv) and they will swing some 12x4.5 props.

Distance motor to motor is 740mm.

I'm currently waiting on the last 2 motors and the ESC's and will update the thread when I've new pics.
EDIT 02.07.12:
Added some pics with the two missing motors and the cover.
GPS has been moved to an arm.
Still wainting on ESC's, the last missing parts before the maiden flight!

EDIT 03.10.12:
Finally got the stuff I was waiting for, so I posted some new pics at the end.
Too much wind here those days, so the maiden is reported a bit... but I'll post a video when done.

The camera will be operate by a second person and there will be a video downlink, still need to had it.

I want to tweak the beast and have it flying as needed before puting all the stuff on...

EDIT 04.07.12:

Check this post.

New pics at the end, too.

Center plates:

Motors on blocks (MT2814-11, 710Kv), Outrage 550 booms (21mm diam.)
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