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Posted by Flyfast64 | Oct 23, 2012 @ 07:18 PM | 1,905 Views
Since my last "blog" we have had had two more Navy sponsored moves. The first was from Portsmouth, RI to Washington DC (one year there and very little RC flying) and then the second to Portsmouth, VA.

Between the moves, social obligations and work, life is moving at lighting speed. It's the RC flying that helps me keep my sanity!

Thanks to my RDML wife (photographer extraordinaire) we have a nice house on base at NMC. Tucked back in the corner of this base is a baseball/soccer field where I can fly my RC aircraft. Bonus! There is a helo pad there with a windsock! I always wish for more time to fly RC but I shouldn't complain with this setup.

Right now I am flying a 3DHS SHP (V1) that was bequeathed to me by Tuppertn. In that airframe I'm experimenting with the FY20 gyro system. It's fun to work with and, IMHO, worth the money.

I am also flying a combat foamy (with no one to fly against), a Stevens Aero SHAFT (GREAT flying/fun build model) and a highly modified Ascent (Version 1) glider. Several other models are setting in the shop waiting their turn to be returned to flying status.

Next up for return to flight status is the Version 1 Parkzone Corsair (the one Tuppertn risked life and "limb" to retrieve from the tree) with the recent Power 10 conversion and then the 3DHS EDGE 540.

Ahhhh.....lots of dreams......little time.
Posted by Flyfast64 | Aug 12, 2010 @ 12:57 AM | 2,387 Views
First, the 3DHS Edge shown in my previous blog is back to it's former glory. Great customer support from 3DHS. The new cowling arrived within days of that post and with a few "bling" decals, it looks as good, if not better than new. Since the repairs, I have flown it on numerous flights and I really enjoy the performance.

For me, home is where the Navy decides to send my wife. So, once again, the movers packed up our belongings and put them on a truck. I certainly don't enjoy the process of moving but I am glad to report that all my RC equipment seems to have survived the ride from Portsmouth, RI and is now safely in our new home in Virgina.

I ended up taking several of my models with me in my SUV when I drove it down. I just couldn't stand the thought of them being packed up by the movers and then making the trip in the tractor trailer. Not that my truck rides any smoother, but if someone is going to smash them up, then it should be me (and it probably will be me that someday smashes them up!)

I'm still scouting out my local area in Virginia for flying sites. Lots of buildings and trees nearby so I'll have to drive to find the wide open spaces. Once I'm settled in I will join a couple of the clubs to meet some of the other RC people in the area. I have found a few listed on RCAirFields but I'm certainly open to recommendations.

Winter build projects are probably not in my immediate future. The house we bought needs some updating/renovations and I made the mistake of proving myself capable of those chores.
Posted by Flyfast64 | Jun 02, 2010 @ 04:48 PM | 2,544 Views
Just came from the flying field where I finally got a Maiden flight on my 3D Hobby Shop Edge 540 (My first 3DHS aircraft!) The first flight went well. No problems and back on the ground without a scratch.

Now the second flight was different. Having just watched Tuppertn Maiden his Edge, I gave him the controls so he could wring mine out a bit. About 3 minutes into the flight he was pulling out of a moderate decent with some power when a really bad sound came from the Edge. We both notice something dangling from the cowl. No problem for Tuppertn. He set up for a very nice pattern and made a beautiful deadstick landing. (Glad he was flying!)

The photo's show the carnage. The investigation is ongoing, but initial inspection shows that the screws that attach the motor to the mount had loosened and allowed the motor to accelerate at a faster rate than the airframe and consequently exit the front of the cowling.

These screws were tightened but I did not put locktite on them. Perhaps there was just a strange vibration at just the right frequency to loosen the screws. Who knows? Perhaps the airplane just didn't like the motor and it spit it out.

I ordered a new cowling but it is on backorder. So, until I get it in my grubby little hands, I decided to fly with a modified cowling. I used packing tape to reinforce the damaged one, balanced the prop and used red loctite on the motor mount screws. It flys great and I have put two batteries through it since the incident and it flys with no adverse qualities. It makes me look like a better RC pilot than I really am!
Posted by Flyfast64 | May 04, 2010 @ 01:56 PM | 2,807 Views
I had a free morning...well, no I didn't but went flying anyway My FB Tuppertn didn't need much arm twisting to meet me out there. We started with some all out combat flying that resulted in some ribbon cuts but no plane to plane contact. Afterward, he was flying his 3DHS equipment and I got some flights in on my Stevens Aero SHAFT as well as my modified Ascent Glider. Great Morning!
Posted by Flyfast64 | Apr 30, 2010 @ 09:10 PM | 2,810 Views
Just ordered the 3DH-EDGE47-R. Can't wait!
  • Scorpion SII-3020-890 V2 Motor
  • Castle Creations Phoenix ICE 50 Brushless ESC
  • Xoar 14x4 Beechwood Electric Prop
  • Xoar 14x6 Beechwood Electric Prop
  • Xoar 15x6 Beechwood Electric Prop
  • Hitec HS-65HB servos with long servo arms from 3DHS
Trying several different props just to see the difference in performance.

More when I get all the pieces and parts.
Posted by Flyfast64 | Apr 21, 2010 @ 09:35 PM | 3,019 Views
I've been flying the RC Flight Sim since 2006 and flying actual RC's since the fall of 2008 in Texas.

We moved again and most recently to Rhode Island where I found my FB, Tuppertn, at the local park flying 3DHS. I was all happy flying Hobbyzone and Parkzone stuff. Heck, I even spent the winter building a StevensAero SHAFT 400. I love to build so that part was great and I especially love the way it flys. It certainly kicked my flying up to the next level. But still, the 3DHS aircraft really warp the mind when I watch Tuppertn fly them. He owns several now.

So, I have a favorite 3DHS all picked out but they are out of stock!!! Withdrawl symtoms even before I own one! Oh well, patience is a virtue....right?

In the mean time, Tuppertn has also introduced me to Combat flying (three plane to plane contacts and five ribbon cuts today). Tuppertn left the field with a flyable plane.....mine....not so much. I lawn darted it on the last flight but left with a smile on my face.

Here are a few pictures of the planes I have been flying. Hope to post some 3DHS sooner than later.