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Posted by SA/RCFlyer | Jan 06, 2011 @ 07:52 AM | 3,025 Views
Well to all who visit my blog to see what is happening here in SA a happy and blessed 2011 to you all.

I spoiled myself a bit for Christmas and got a Park Zone F4U have flown it once and had a bit of a bouncy landing but truly like the bird.

I am nearly done with the Edge 540 now and just waiting for a few odds and ends from HK to come then hopefully work can start on the Bronco. As and when time allows I will start the drawing process for the wing I have cut. As this is going to be my first twin build I am a bit nervous as I have never even flown a twin, so hold thumbs as we get close to maiden time. My little boy keeps nagging now as to when is Daddy going to start on the A10, he (now 6) has even drawn me some plans.

I also have Rivets to complete and and SE5A to fix

To all again thanks for the visits and wishing you lots of successful new projects and many happy landings.

Posted by SA/RCFlyer | Dec 02, 2010 @ 05:58 AM | 3,592 Views
Can you believe it, I have volunteered to build Demon GTI's EDGE 540 for a young fellow who flies with us. A fellow flier asked me if I would do this as the young fellow truly enjoys the sport but cannot afford a lot. He has a profile 3D Minnie that has been repaired so many times it is a wounder the thing still flies.
Because this Edge is made from EPS it will be cheap, I am just not sure about it's life span.

I must get this done so that I can get on with my OV 10
Posted by SA/RCFlyer | Sep 13, 2010 @ 07:38 AM | 3,407 Views
Yes i am at it again, looks like one can become seriously addicted to this.

I am in the process of building with balsa and here is where I am currently
Posted by SA/RCFlyer | Sep 06, 2010 @ 03:30 AM | 2,908 Views
Now this is what you get when your son convinces you to let that senior club member fly one of your creations because he enjoys flying it . The most important thing to remember when flying inverted is that down is up and up is DOWN and it WAS such a nice plane to fly. On the bright side another opportunity for a new one
Posted by SA/RCFlyer | Aug 31, 2010 @ 09:59 AM | 3,689 Views
I was looking arround at some of the blogs on here and have now decided to also put my hanger here for all to see and make comments about (only good ones that is)...Continue Reading