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Posted by tamron | Jul 04, 2012 @ 10:01 AM | 1,994 Views
I have to say, that X525 kit for $119.00 really is great value. Although I was missing the landing gear spacers ( I wasn't going to use that gear anyway), it all went together quite nice. I was happy with the kk board too. For the amount of fun I've already had, I'd have too recommend the 525 to anyone starting out in this hobby.
Posted by tamron | May 31, 2012 @ 02:20 PM | 2,402 Views
As I have found little info out there about the stock 9x settings, I thought I'd blog this up.
These are a few basic settings for a 4 ch. FP. heli but may apply to other rc craft. Hope this will get you started and enjoying your new tx. I'm assuming here you have the unit up and running but you'd like to start playing with some of the settings.
Best have the 9x in front of you as we go.
In the settings menu:

Throttle hold

Scroll down to "Thr Hold", press the menu button, now press the "+" key on the left. You should see "inh" change to "act", now hit the menu key to save. Perfect, now your "Thr cut" switch on the left of the Tx is working. I use this all the time.


Scroll to the second page and "timer". Press the "+" button to set it to "Act".
Now just set how many min. you want to fly before the warning goes off. Press menu to save. Your Timer switch now works.
Mine is set to 6 min. The warning goes off at 5 min. Too stop the warning while flying, just flip the timer switch again and it will pause.
Reset the timer between flights by holding down the "exit" button.

End points or "E points"

You need to change all these to 120% (or just under a bit) to get full servo throw.

Scroll to and select "E.points"
Starting at "Ail", push the "+" until you have it at 120%
Move the right stick left or...Continue Reading
Posted by tamron | Apr 26, 2012 @ 10:50 PM | 2,878 Views
I'm sure this has been covered somewhere before, but I thought I'd put it up here and try out the blog thing. I think this saved my marriage!
The pics pretty much say it all, just be careful when soldering the speaker back up. Just give it a touch or turn down the heat, otherwise you'll have nothing left to attach the wire too.

After some time I can say this worked great and was worth the 1/2 hour or 40 min. it took me. The only time I hear any beeping now is when I'm flying, which is what we want.
You should use some hot glue and attach the wires to the board though to protect your soldered joints.