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Posted by Joshbb | Apr 08, 2011 @ 07:00 AM | 6,145 Views
Posted by Joshbb | Apr 22, 2009 @ 04:23 AM | 15,132 Views
My interest in RC began at christmas with one of those pico little helicopter things. it got me thinking, would'nt it be cool if I could use an rc aircraft to take aerial pictures and videos. I am a consultant ecologist and such a device could be a handy tool when surveying buildings and trees for bats etc. I bought a counter rotating helicopter to practice on which I promtly destroyed and rebuilt too many times! Flying, or rather crashing the helicopter made me realise something more stable was required. Next up was a Walkera UFO5 quadcopter, an intersting machine but too small (and weak ). I bought a couple of ufo control boards and made my own quad copter using brushless motors, it was much better, but I just couldnt get the reliability right and the firmware of the walkera ufo seemed less than perfect for my needs. So back to the drawing board.. I had been following the Bas10an tricopter build thread but i hadnt considered a tricopter until i saw Signguy was using one with an onboard camera. And thats when i aquired the parts to build my own.

Electronics used:
3x telebee GR302-AD gyros
Esky EK2-704 gyro (for yaw)
Spektrum Ar6200 Reciever
Spektrum DX6i Transmitter
3x Hobbywing pentium 18amp esc's (test config 1)
3x Turnigy plush 10amp esc's (test config 2)
3x TURNIGY Bell TR2410-9 840kv motors (config 1)
3x Turnigy 2213-22T 17A 924Kv motors (config 2)
LM Loong max Lipo Battery 2250 3S1P 20C-30C
metal geared gyro
EPP 1045 props x2 clockwise x1 anticlockwise ( or visa...Continue Reading