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Posted by NighthawkF-117 | Nov 25, 2011 @ 02:42 PM | 3,056 Views
Sorry guys this is for another forum were i cant figure out how to upload pics.
Posted by NighthawkF-117 | Jul 08, 2011 @ 06:20 PM | 4,186 Views
Hey guys,

I have spent a few months looking for airplanes that use 1/2in Owens Corning Pink foam from Home Depot and Lows $9 for a 4 Foot by 8 Foot.
I have a few that i want to share for people that want to use this inexpensive and easy to use building meterial.

These are the airplanes that were built specificly for 1/2in foam as the primary meterial.

warhead 71's Foamie 60" Grumman Goose

warhead 71's 52" foam bipe

Get Real's GRX-V1 3D Foamie

warhead 71's Big Pink Beaver

I am currently working several foamies whose primary build material is 9mm epp and seeing how they will fly with 1/2in foam.

I am almost done with Dekan's F22 Epp 24" wingspan,
I am at the point of installing electronics. So i will get back to you guys in no more than a month with the post-maidan performance.

Working With Owens Corning Pink Foam
Working with Ownes Corning Pink Foam is very similar to that of Depron or Fan Fold. The major diference i noticed is the foam melts very easy when using power tools i.e dremels to shape or carve it. I do not recomend using power tools on this stuff. Also you need a Brand New razor blade oiled inbetween uses and changed alot to cut it. Even a slightly dull blade that would be fine for depron will cause the blade to drag instead of cut and cause a bad edge. If you are cutting and it feals like the blade is getting hung up then imediatly stop and get a fresh blade.

More to come soon.
Posted by NighthawkF-117 | Jul 22, 2010 @ 09:15 AM | 4,291 Views
Hello, Welcome to my blog everyone!
I thought id start out with my non rc related "stuff". Juat because its cool and its aviation.
The Picture of the Cessna is from a local airport here so are the P-51 and
The pictures of the Helis and F-18 are from Camp Ripley of the Minnesota National Guard. Dont ask why the F-18 is there. But it is in the Aggressor Paint, so you tell me?
Any way here you go hope you enjoy it! More to come soon.
Also if anyone need more pictures of these for a scale build just shoot me a PM....Continue Reading