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Posted by Mutchy | Jun 24, 2012 @ 09:51 PM | 17,287 Views
This build log is for my project to build a new tray type transmitter using the ErSky9x board, parts salvaged from a JR 388 Transmitter, and parts purchased from various sources but commonly available.

The Er9x Firmware and the Eurgle/Turnigy/iMax 9x Transmitter

I have two Eurgle/Turnigy/iMax/younameitchinese 9x transmitters with Er9x firmware loaded into the Eeprom which runs the logic i.e. programming of the transmitter, as distinct from the Radio Frequency component. I am a fan of the Er9x firmware because it allows unprecedented programming freedom. Anyone who flies a model aircraft, helicopter or quadracopter where multiple inputs affect a control or where multiple outputs are needed from any control will appreciate the virtues of being able to assign any channel from any switch or pot or stick on the transmitter to any servo in the ariel vehicle, apply multiple inputs from any switch, pot or stick to any other servo or number of servos, using almost any set of logical conditions, with delays and slow actuation for any command, and curves with up to 9 points applied to any command. These transmitters use FrSky Telemetry Tx modules and telemetry receivers to display data such as transmitted signal strength, received signal strength, altitude, bearing temperatures, and battery voltages on the transmitter screen. Alarms for low received signal strength, low battery voltage and upper height limit can be set., all using the Er9x firmware.

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