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Posted by chrisgood | Jun 01, 2008 @ 01:45 AM | 11,756 Views
Big Trainer : Built from scratch. Includes Futaba PA-2 pilot assist. Video Downlink: CCD camera, 909Mhz 100mw transmitter, ground plane antenna Previousy powered by OS 61 SF, now converted to electric power; Tower Pro 3520-7, 50 amp ESC, five channels [ rudder(1), elevator(1), ailerons(2), throttle(ESC), PA-2 gain ] FLOWN

J-3 Piper Cub: Built from Goldberg Anniversary Edition kit. Tower Pro 3520-7, 70 amp ESC, four channels [ailerons(1), elevator(1), rudder(1), throttle(ESC)] FLOWN

J-3 Piper Cub with floats : Built from Goldberg Anniversary Edition kit, floats built from Goldberg Cub floats kit. OS 61, Four channels [ailerons(1), elevator(1), rudder(1), throttle(1)] STATIC DISPLAY

Dynaflite F-4U Corsair : Built from kit, turtle deck raised to hold internal pipe and scale ABS cowling added, and later modified for electric. Tower Pro 3520-7, 60 amp ESC. Four channels [ailerons(1), elevator(1), rudder(1), throttle(ESC)] FLOWN

Paragon : Built from kit. three meter glider, two channels [ rudder(1), elevator(1) ] FLOWN

Olympic 650 : Built from kit. two meter glider, two channels [ rudder(1), elevator(1) ] FLOWN

Sagitta 900 : Built from kit. two meter glider, three channels [ rudder(1), elevator(1), spoilers(1) ] FLOWN

Electric UAV : These small electric planes were built to explore development steps to build a fully autonomous electric unmanned aerial vehicle. Brushless 400, 6:1 gearbox, 10 amp ESC, FMA Copilot, CCD Camera and BlackWidow 2.4 Ghz video...Continue Reading
Posted by chrisgood | Jun 01, 2008 @ 01:43 AM | 9,871 Views
1/12 Scale Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird - 91 inches long, 30 pounds - (2) OS 91 VR-DF w/ tuned pipes, Dynamax fans, pneumatic retracts, seven channels [left elevator(2), right elevator(2), left aileron(2), right aileron(2), rudders(2) & nose steering(1), throttle(1), retracts(1)]

Half-size Shadow 200 - I built this from the plans of the real US Army Shadow 200 Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (TUAV). I am the lead avionics engineer for that program. Video Downlink: CCD Camera, 909Mhz 500mw transmitter, ground plane antenna I installed a Tower Pro 4130-6 brushless outrunner motor and 70 amp ESC from May to November 2007 for testing, but I reinstalled the original glow engine in November 2007. OS 61 SF w/ V-Tech pipe, five channels [elerudders(2), ailerons(2), flaps(2), throttle(1), nose steering(1) ] FLOWN

Klingberg Wing x 2 - Built from Klingberg plans blown up twice. 11 foot wingspan flying wing with symmetrical airfoil. Originally powered by OS 61 engine, converted to electric power. Motor moved from pusher to puller, allowed 3 pounds of lead to be removed from nose. 11 pounds total weight. Tower Pro 3520-6, 50 amp ESC, mechanical retracts, five channels [elevons(2), throttle(ESC), mechanical retracts(1), nose steering(1), split-opening drag rudders(2)] FLOWN

UAV Flying Wing Project - This plane is my master's of mechanical engineering project, built from my own plans. 16 foot wingspan ducted fan flying wing with Eppler 334 airfoil. Powered by two OS 91 VR-DF...Continue Reading