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Posted by earlwb | Nov 11, 2012 @ 06:59 PM | 22,611 Views
Many years ago, circa 1990, my best friend at attempted a business venture, where he would have some planes made as ARF's that used foam core wings with 1/64 inch plywood sheeting, balsa, ply fuselage and tail. But the best part was they were all hand painted very nicely. Well the batch of prototype planes all worked out great. I built up six of them for my friend and had used Saito engines for three of them and Fox engines for the other three. He had three models, designed for .45 two stroke glow engines, a high wing trainer like plane, a high wing sport plane and a low wing sport plane built more like a pattern plane.

But unfortunately things didn't work out so well for the container load that came in. The planes were produced during the monsoon season and loaded into a container, which was shipped to Arizona. The dry heat in Arizona dried the wood out too much and the paint all cracked and peeled around the edges of the planes. Some planes turned out much worse than others though. But he couldn't sell them as new, high quality ARF's though.

Anyway, I have been building and flying some of the planes for years now. A while back I accidentally crashed a low wing plane. But I dug another one out of the storage shed and put it together. I almost lost it when some high winds caused it to pancake into the ground when it lost lift at the flying field. But it wasn't damaged much, so I fixed it back up to fly again.

So here is the latest incarnation of the .45 size low...Continue Reading