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Posted by earlwb | Jun 25, 2012 @ 11:41 AM | 16,750 Views
Here are pic of my huge Aeroworks Profile Extra plane with a 80 inch wingspan. I can just barely get it into my car to take it to the flying field. I am using a ASP 1.80 engine on the plane. At present I am running a 20x6 prop on the engine. I might have to go larger on the fuel tank, but at this time the 16 ounce tank is doing OK for flight time, as I don't fly the plane WOT all the time.

I also tried out the Futaba S.Bus system with this plane, I used S.Bus servos on all the control surfaces with a conventional throttle servo. A 5 cell NMH 2000 mah pack supplies the power. The receiver is a newer dual S.Bus channel RX.

I flew the plane several times and it flies great. I love the buzz saw roll rate too. One would think with a plane this big that it wouldn't roll fast or perform tight loops, but this plane does them anyway.

The ASP 1.80 engine works OK, but it is too rich through the mid range, so I'll probably have to do some mods to the carb, if I figure out what the problem is. I suspect the spray bar is too short and needs to be a bit longer.

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Posted by earlwb | Jun 15, 2012 @ 09:35 PM | 14,521 Views
I have been playing around with one of the NGH 9cc gasoline engines lately. The other weekend I had several successful flights with the engine on my Ugly Stick.

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