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Posted by earlwb | May 04, 2009 @ 06:57 AM | 17,585 Views
It was storming all weekend, so while thunder, lightning and rain was pouring down Saturday, I decided to build a big 36 inch Nutball. 1017 square inches of wingspan, 1kg AUW, and long landing gear too. I need to get a more powerful motor though, the biggest motor I have at the moment is a Komodo KH2413-11 and it can swing a big 12x6 prop, but only at like 3600 rpm. Which gives the big Nutball about a 20mph speed.

So I now have a big 36 inch Nutball, a 20 incher, a 12 incher, a 8 incher and a tiny 6 inch Pico-Nutball.

Here is a pic of my tiny Pico-Nutball with 6 inch wingspan. it uses throttle and rudder only control.
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