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Posted by genstattu-acepowling | Jan 09, 2018 @ 02:09 AM | 1,804 Views
What do you say if Gens ace series raise 10% off next month?Just Gens ace line,not including Tattu
Posted by genstattu-acepowling | Dec 18, 2017 @ 09:30 PM | 1,984 Views
This is the extra 10% off code,can be used on all items.

GENSACE17BF ,the extra 10% off code for EU
XMAS10 ,the extra 10% off code for USA.
Posted by genstattu-acepowling | Nov 25, 2017 @ 03:52 AM | 2,486 Views
I guess i know people would say 3s is not in the trend,but still want to check,what if you can have it for free?Where would you like to use the 1550mah 75c 3s?

Ofcourse it is not for free now,it is 40% off,better than nothing.But would you want it leave alone the price?
Posted by genstattu-acepowling | Nov 23, 2017 @ 09:52 PM | 3,010 Views
2200mah 25c 3s 18.9$ Now 12.4$

5000mah 50c 2S Hardcase 36.99$ Now 29.5$

1300mah 4s 95c
37.65$ Now 25.5$

16000mah 6s 325$ Now 260$

1550mAh 4S1P 14.8V 75C 33.36$ Now 23.19$

2200mAh 22.2V 45C 6S1P 45.9$ Now 34.4$

5300mAh 11.1V 50C 3S1P HardCase 58.99 $ Now 44.2$

650mAh 4S1P 75C 15.69$ Now 14.2$

1550mAh 4S1P 14.8V 75C 33.36$ Now 23$

22000mAh 22.2V 25C 6S1P 461$ Now 392$
Posted by genstattu-acepowling | Nov 22, 2017 @ 09:37 PM | 2,732 Views
Black Friday is on.

Gens ace site-wide are on special sale.And open the link below,hit share,chance to win $589 4k win drone for free.

Just hit share,then you are in .
Posted by genstattu-acepowling | Nov 02, 2017 @ 12:52 AM | 2,995 Views
I think pure speed is only for onroad?
Posted by genstattu-acepowling | Nov 02, 2017 @ 12:49 AM | 2,949 Views
I think pure speed is only for onroad?
Posted by genstattu-acepowling | Oct 31, 2017 @ 03:06 AM | 2,140 Views
One last day of Octorber,last chance to join lucky draw.

Any order value are available to join.
Posted by genstattu-acepowling | Oct 25, 2017 @ 08:57 PM | 1,933 Views
Whoever tried 100c,you use it for onroad or offroad?

Posted by genstattu-acepowling | Oct 24, 2017 @ 01:15 AM | 2,348 Views
Gens ace USA office , whole site-wide free shipping,no string attached.

If you love us,you can try now.Just pay ofor the batteries,we will be responsible for the shipping cost.

If you hated us,you can order small batteries now,and let us pay the shipping cost which is much more
expensive than the battery value.(For the smallest package,7.6 $-9.79$)

And for your, shipping fee: 0.00

Posted by genstattu-acepowling | Oct 20, 2017 @ 01:42 AM | 2,822 Views
For people who loves Hot Deals section,here is the treat details:

1. Take up to 70% off
2. Free gensace/tattu logo cap with orders over €100
3. Lucky draw on every order before 31st Oct. Chance to win the Tattu Jumpstarter or anything up to 50 EUR of your choice!
Posted by genstattu-acepowling | Oct 19, 2017 @ 10:00 PM | 2,369 Views
Any feedbacks on Tattu 220mah 1s?

We are open to complains as well,Or tiny whoop is out?

16.99$ 5 pieces

Tinywhoop battery
Posted by genstattu-acepowling | Oct 19, 2017 @ 09:38 PM | 2,302 Views
Would you like others to admire your rc pic?

Just share your best pic ,and chance to win high class free 2200mah 3s batteries.

Gens Facebook
Posted by genstattu-acepowling | Apr 14, 2017 @ 04:44 AM | 3,774 Views
Wsih you all a good Easter holiday.

And FYI,we have prepared a free pocket 4k drones and different coupon codes(100%)in the eggs,comment what you get

Posted by genstattu-acepowling | Apr 01, 2017 @ 02:37 AM | 4,326 Views

1.Forget about the c rate,70c or 100c,we now have a new one coming out in July,200C 5000mah!!!
Not saying the burst can reach 2000A, but the consistent current can do 500A, means you can go full throttle as long as you want, sample just passed ,check the 500A discharge rate chart sending from the engineer office!!!

2.And a 7200mah 2s ,weigh the same as 5000mah 2s,but 2200mah capacity higher,this the best product for bash.

Comment with tagging two friends, and the product number (1 or 2) you think they might need.

Welcome to apply for new sample testing!!!

We have also prepared gifts for those who comment and share
1st prize 4 pieces of 5000mah 2s
2nd prize 2 pieces of 5000mah 2s
3rd prize 25$ coupon, can used to purchase any battery from

Winners would be announced on Wednesday (Sunday,Monday,Tuesday off for Chinese holiday )

Let's rule the RC world,
Posted by genstattu-acepowling | Mar 30, 2017 @ 02:34 AM | 4,461 Views
Gens ace updated lipo 8400mah 3 cell 11.1v for Traxxas E-maxx is ready in stock,welcome people
to try it out.Super light weight and most consistent battery.

Pic source and
Posted by genstattu-acepowling | Mar 28, 2017 @ 09:51 PM | 4,993 Views
Voila,We have a new FPV pilot.Now our team is becoming bigger.

Welcome for joining us if you think you are talent enough.

------------Gens tattu Team
Posted by genstattu-acepowling | Mar 24, 2017 @ 03:14 AM | 4,618 Views
#New Arrival#

Gens ace 2200mah 3s 25c is now finally in stock,it has been out of stock for almost a month,for people who is still waiting for a quality
battery with cheap price,now the chance has finally arrived.
Discussion / Posted by genstattu-acepowling / Mar 23, 2017 @ 01:43 AM / 4,372 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
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Posted by genstattu-acepowling | Mar 23, 2017 @ 01:32 AM | 4,254 Views
Not sure if there are many European drivers,but still want people to see Gens ace Team Driver Burak Kilic made an tremendous success to land in A-main during his first EOS drive. First time,then he got in,.That is some talent,isn't it?

More results pls check

Wish all the drivers good luck in new year,new racing season has arrived.