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Posted by stumblebum | May 27, 2014 @ 11:19 AM | 2,040 Views
Got a flitetest FT-22 Raptor ready to maiden.

This was a scratch build $ Tree foamboard. Worked on it couple of hours at a
time. Took 3 or 4 days to complete. Saved a bit of time moving electronics
from a rcrich Cheap-N-Easy that wasn't stored properly. If you don't store
foamies hanging they almost surely will warp. Another problem was NOT using
a good packing tape, that stuff will loosen over time. Anyway I moved all the
electronics over to the FT-22 and have it ready to go. If I can get a picture to
upload I will put one up later.

Added entry June 14, 2014:
Took the Raptor out for the maiden.
Very light wind. This thing would NOT fly with the recommended set-up.
All batteries were fully charged, lipo 25C 2S 1000mH. Just not enough power to fly.
Connector was broken on my 3S. Will try it next time out.
Posted by stumblebum | May 27, 2014 @ 11:10 AM | 1,936 Views
Got into something last week I hadn't experienced before. At one time I had purchased,
from someone on rcgroups, a Futaba 7CAP with 4 Futaba FP-127DF receivers all on
Channel 26. I have no complaints per`sea with the Tx or Rx's. For what I paid, I deem
this as a great bargain.

What I found was that when I changed from a Futaba 6EXAs with a Futaba FP-127DF on
channel 42, all the surface linkages had to be re-adjusted. With the original Tx/Rx
combination installed, the plane, a SPAD BUHOR, was trimmed and flew perfectly.

After changing to the 7C Tx/Rx all the servos were set up in the 7C to match the 6EXAs,
travels, expos, reverses and dual rates. I didn't move any of the surfaces linkages because
I didn't think I needed to because the plane had been flying perfectly as they were.

The first flight with the new system was a hand-full. Upon liftoff the plane done an instant
nose-up and hard left. Being, in my own judgement an advanced beginner, it was all I could
do to get it high enough to do some trimming. Ended up with full down elevator and full
right aileron with a little right rudder added in to get it close enough to get it back on the ground.
Moved the linkages a good bit and tried again. Still had to do some more trimming, about half
way with the elevator and aileron and brought the rudder back to center. Got it landed again
and did some more with the linkages. Was so jittery at this time, I decided to take it home and
try again another day.

Went out Sunday and finally had some fun. Minor linkage adjustments to
get all the servo arms centered. Now the plane flies like it's supposed to.
Posted by stumblebum | May 12, 2014 @ 11:48 AM | 2,996 Views
Last weekend I attended my 50 year high school reunion, Bastrop High Class of '64.
GOD! I didn't realize I had gone to school with THAT many OLD people.
I may be prejudiced but I think I aged more gracefully than most even tho
I will have to admit some aged more gracefully than I.
Posted by stumblebum | Mar 09, 2014 @ 09:03 PM | 2,531 Views
Been a while since I have made an entry.
Haven't quit building nor flying, just haven't done the blog lately.

Still have the Futaba system and a couple of the Orange Rx sets for sale that are listed below.

Also an update of what is currently on the fire.

I purchased a SpadBoy from Ed at maybe 2 years ago.

Had partially built it. It had gotten hidden under piles of spare coro while doing other projects.
Found it and had to dig it out to finish.

I may have it overpowered. Found an almost new OS 40 LA that proudly sits on the nose.

Due to precut fuse opening I had to mount the wing further forward than balance required.
This required mounting the RX battery completely to the rear of the fuse and resulted in needing
to put almost an ounce of lead wheel weights beside the battery to get the CG at the correct place.

Going out to do a first mowing on my field in the morning and hope to maiden it soon.

I have a new Spadette LC 40 I built for sale. Gonna maiden that one first to get my flying wings back under me.
Posted by stumblebum | Sep 20, 2012 @ 11:43 PM | 2,725 Views
Here is a picture of the OrangeRx / Satellite Pair I have for sale.
I have 10 sets. New in package NIP. Tested and re-sealed in static bags.
Returns accepted if DOA or damaged. Contact me before returning.
Replacement only. No refunds. $30.00 for each set, shipped.
pm me for pay-pal address.
Posted by stumblebum | Sep 20, 2012 @ 10:30 PM | 2,754 Views
I have kinda put my flying and building on hold lately. Had to figure a way to supplement my retirement income. Gave 42 years in the industrial/electrical field for a pittance. Anyway, I thought I might could make some money on eBay. After much study and research I come to the seclusion that out of the millions of people on eBay, there are hundreds of thousands of sellers. Out of the hundreds of thousands of sellers there are thousands of "Power Sellers". These number about 5% of the sellers. This 5% seem to be making 80% of the money that changes hands on eBay. But "What the Hell", I thought I would try it anyway.
I started listing some of the extra engines I had accumulated since getting back into RC. Sold a couple. That was only replacing money I had already spent, not making any. Then I had an idea and purchased some RC stuff to list.
After doing some research, although I didn't do enough, I ordered from Hobby King, 10 sets of the OrangeRx R610 DSM2 receiver/satellite R100 DSM2 pair. 2 Days after listing them on eBay, Horrizon Hobby had eBay pull the listing. Some Power Seller had complained to Horrizon Hobby, who by the way has trademarked the DSM2 words. It seems to me I am being singled out because there is still at this writing no less than 13 sellers listing the same receiver.
Therefore, see the For Sale Thread for a good deal on this internal receiver/satellite pair.
Posted by stumblebum | Aug 28, 2012 @ 10:17 AM | 2,887 Views
I have a complete Futaba 7C 2.4 ghz full system airplane radio. New in box with S2004 servos, both
batteries, switch, neckstrap, Tx, 617 Rx. I will give my buddies on rcgroups first chance at
($275.00 + postage and pay pal fee.)
(Tower Hobbies price is $319.00). If interested give me a pm. I will try to post a pic or two later.


I did finally have a cooler day, 94 degrees @74% humidity. Took the NOOB TUBE out for several flights.

On the way out I made a mental note to be sure to check all the throws and the dual rate switches before throwing her into the air.

WELL, as with most of my mental notes, I forgot. She was going good about 50 feet out and 20 feet high
when she started drifting a little left. I gave her a what I thought was a little right. She rolled at least 2-1/2
times before landing nose first. At least I got the throttle back to 0.

Did a little wrinkling and warped the metal motor mount. I un-warped the mount, flipped the dual rate
switch, after cutting the % back a good bit, and threw her up again.

Man!!! I really love the way this little girl flies.
Posted by stumblebum | Aug 12, 2012 @ 10:31 AM | 2,826 Views
Haven't made it back out to the field as yet. Just too Hot! Another 96 degree day.
Heat doesn't bother me too bad, but 96 degrees at 85% humidity is a b**!%$.

Now I have a NOOB TUBE to put up for the third flight.
A SEW-SLO flying wing to maiden. (
The new Experimental Airlines PHOTON ready to maiden.
I have played around with the DX6i programming some. I think I have the throttle to elev and
the aileron to rudder mixes in correctly. Will know when I throw her into the wind.
A SPAD Demon yet to maiden.
Andy Erwins' SPAD Coyote yet to maiden.
(With these last two, I don't think I am yet ready for a low wing airframe. I have come
to the conclusion that I am an "Advanced Intermediate" pilot.)

I believe I will modify either the PHOTON plan or the NOOB TUBE plan to build a low wing foamy.
The $1 to $5 airframes are a cheap way to learn. The work building them is cheap compared to a many $$ balsa frame.
Posted by stumblebum | Aug 10, 2012 @ 10:35 AM | 3,097 Views
Took the NOOB TUBE, from ED's experimental airlines youtube channel, back out yesterday afternoon, August 9th, 2012. Had the horn problem fixed. Set all the control surface travels to 3/8" and 3/4" on dual rates. Flying in 10 to 15 mph wind. She wanted to climb a little under full throttle even with the down thrust suggested. I have got to learn how to program a little down elev to up throttle mix in my DX6i (fairly new to this Tx and just can't do much programming without a script). (The manual seems similar to the Futaba 7C. Just a bunch of jibberish.)

Wind didn't blow her around too bad. Slowed her down and headed into the wind, she just floated. Turned the dual rates on and did she react. Tight rolls and loops. Forgot to turn them off trying to land. Had to make another round and get the dual rates turned off. Man, this thing is a hoot to fly.

Going back out this afternoon if heat isn't too hi. 97 degrees yesterday was a little hot even for me.

Also got a SEW-SLO flying wing ready to maiden. Glad I didn't throw it in the air yesterday. Got home and found the elevons need to be reversed. Got to find out how to do that. Reversing both and/or changing plugs didn't do it. Any help on this would be appreciated as a comment or pm.
Posted by stumblebum | Aug 02, 2012 @ 10:26 AM | 2,951 Views
This may be in-approiate for my blog, BUT if you have a kindle, or android tablet, you may be interrested in this link for "free" e-book downloads. Books are updated every hour. Some books stay on a couple of days and some are only on for an hour. You must have an account to partisipate.

moderator may delete this post if deemed in-approiate.

here is the link:
Posted by stumblebum | Jul 27, 2012 @ 05:05 PM | 2,813 Views
After getting the NOOB TUBE back home and after analyzing the flight, I realized I was flying it too slow. I was trying to adjust the trims, keep it from climbing, trying to keep it out of the corn field and the water. I had her too slow and she was trying to stall. I also found, and remembered, the hot glue on the underside of the control horns did not stick really tight on the packing tape. This had left the horn loose enough that it had plenty of slop. I taped them down and did some adjusting. Haven't had time to fly again. Maybe after the race sunday afternoon.

Also welcomed a new great-grandson, Aiden Jared Hartley, wednesday afternoon at 7:05. 8 lbs 7.3 oz 19 inches long. Mom and son home now and doing fine.
Posted by stumblebum | Jul 20, 2012 @ 01:28 PM | 3,202 Views
I went out and mowed the flying field today. Here is the Google map co-ordinates if you are interrested.(32.794228,-91.946232) You can barely see the outline of the runways. The satellite view was updated in Mid Feburary 2012 before I started mowing for the year. Approaches in two directions are a little tight but nothing short of a newbie being able to handle.

After mowing I maidened the NOOB TUBE. Had the balance on spot but still had trouble with it climbing under throttle. Got it back on the ground without any damage. Got to do some control surface horn re-setting.

Haven't got the Photon Motor Glider finished as of yet.

More later....
Posted by stumblebum | Jul 11, 2012 @ 09:53 AM | 3,042 Views
Here's catching all the peps who read my blog on what's going on with me.
Flew the BUHOR again with the old BUHOR wing trying to solve the pitch problem. It did fly really well with this wing. Problem was, I lost a receiver.
Controls were at about half throttle, had a little up and a little right in it when it quit listening to the transmitter. Imagine the feeling watching your plane doing 100 foot loops while spiraling right and about 50 feet lower with each loop. after 6 or 7 loops it finally watered. I say watered instead of grounded because it hit about 10 feet from the bank into the knee deep water and ankle deep mud. Complete engine and half the fuel tank was buried in the sticky clay stuff. With the throttle being open, you can guess it was filled to the crank port. Had to tear it apart to clean it out. Soaked it in transmission fluid overnight. Cleaned the carb, crank and bearings. Put it back together and fired it up. Got a different Tx-Rx set-up on it now. Waiting for cooler weather to take her back out. 97 to 101 degrees and 85% humidity is bad on an old man. Just can't do the heat anymore.

During all the hi-temps/hi-humidity days I have started some other projects.
Found Ed's Experimental Airlines channel on youtube and have built the NOOB TUBE, not maidened yet, and have a Photon Motor Glider started. I did not realize the stuff you could do with Dollar Tree Foam.

Have worked on Ed Sorrel's Bad Boy a little. Still do not have it finished.

So, Till next time I check and think about an update,
Good Flying, Good Loving and Good Living.
Bye for Now
Posted by stumblebum | Jun 06, 2012 @ 12:24 PM | 3,387 Views
It's about time I make an entry about what I'm doing at the time.
I have been building on 2 planes during lawn and field upkeep among other things. I am retired but you wouldn't think so as busy as I keep.

One of the planes is a Bad Boy from Ed at I purchased the 48" wing kit. I could have deducted the measurements and built the plane from scratch. Instead, as with the Coyote of Andy Erwin's, and other planes I have purchased, I try to support the people that make the spads possible.
Firewall is finished with the OS LA 40 installed. The wing is finished, including vinyl coating and graphics. Tail feathers are together and colored. I still need to finish the fuse and add some color.

The BUHOR mentioned in the last post has been maidened. The rebuilt, with Steve_P's help for supplying some parts, GMS 40 powers if amply. I still have a little trouble getting it tuned properly (I need some O-rings for the low idle adjustment screw). I have to be careful going from low idle to full open. Do it too fast and engine quits.
I must have marked a spot incorrectly when doing the CG. It was really nose-heavy. Caused some pitch problems. Made 4 flights and some decent touch-an-goes.
Next time I took to the air was a windy, about 20 mph, and pretty cloudy day.
I messed around and let it get pretty far away (guessing one half mile probably nearer to three-quarters). Was over clear field and near a corn field. Was really close to making the decision to put it...Continue Reading
Posted by stumblebum | Apr 11, 2012 @ 05:45 PM | 3,285 Views
I need my a** kicked really good. After spending around $40 for the rebuild parts for my GMS 2000 II 40 ABC engine I managed to loose, not misplace, but LOST the piston (wrist) pin. If anyone has a parts engine they will sell me, please let me know.

Due to the good graces of Steve_P, who supplied the pin and some other parts, I now have the engine put back together. I have ran 3 tanks of fuel thru it to break it in and have it mounted on a new BUHOR. Got a craft show this weekend and hope to maiden it when we return.

Thanks again Steve
Posted by stumblebum | Apr 03, 2012 @ 10:43 PM | 3,750 Views
Here are some pictures of the ENYA 49XTV I have for sale.
Engine is used but has been well taken care of. After run oil was used
after each days flying. You will not be disappointed with the power output.
Could make a trainer do things a trainer isn't supposed to do.
Always ran 10% Omega with a 10 X 6 prop.
Price shipped to you = $ 45.00. Pay pal or money order.
Will ship the day following receipt of funds.

This engine has been SOLD.
Posted by stumblebum | Jan 27, 2012 @ 06:33 PM | 3,497 Views
Well guys,

The dog fighter RC experiment came to a broken conclusion this morning. Added a landing gear modification.
I did several modifications to get it to track straight on takeoff. Upon leaving the ground it broke hard left and
wouldn't hold altitude without holding a bunch of up elevator. Got it to about 100 feet and while trying to trim
some up and some right, something must have come loose. It came in hard. Broke the fuselage pretty bad.
Will have to build another. Think I will add 5 or 6 inches to length. I can salvage the parts for another try.
Broken fuse, prop and 1 servo arm seems to be the only damage Other than the fuse. Wing has a couple of small holes in it but will fly again.

All for now
Posted by stumblebum | Jan 23, 2012 @ 10:48 PM | 3,817 Views
Got busy last summer getting my crafts ready to set up at Christmas.

Had my crafts, homemade clocks, children's story books, computerized first names, re-print of my officially licensed poems, and of course my RC engines and supplies, set up in the Vicksburg Mall. Was open for business from Black Friday until 6 p.m. Christmas Eve.

Only things that went really well were my distributership of Fox products and a couple of ARF's
purchased on eBay for re-sale.

Since returning home Christmas day, I was able to visit and see all my kids and grandkids
except for one who is in the Durango area. That's a 22 hour drive and it is hard for her
to get home but every couple of years. I also missed seeing one step grand daughter
and a step great grandson who live in the New Orleans area.

Have rebuilt or built new, nine computers in the last three weeks (yeah, that's another hobby).

I have had time to fly two or three times. My favorite plane is still the SPAD BUHOR. Flying it
with a Magnum 40 for now. Plans are to put a Fox 40 on it in time for spring flying weather.

I also did some modification on my SPAD dogfighter. I had too much trouble hand launching
that baby. It now has a landing gear mod. Soon as the rain quits and the wind lays down,
plans are to try it out.

Next up is adjusting the wing saddle on the smaller Mig. Was looking at it from across the room
yesterday and realized the horizontal stabalizer is NOT in line with the main wing. I need to adjust
...Continue Reading
Posted by stumblebum | Sep 14, 2011 @ 11:18 AM | 3,418 Views
If this is not allowed any moderator has my premission to remove it.

I would like to mention that I am an authorized FOX dealer/distributor.
Posted by stumblebum | Sep 14, 2011 @ 11:14 AM | 4,126 Views
The Migs and the Blackhawk have kinda gotten shoved onto the back burner for now. Got sidetracked getting ready for my yearly trip to the craft show at Rogers, Arkansas the third weekend of October. We will be set up again at the Frisco Station Mall, center court. Yall come by and see us if your in the area.

Also got interrested in Jason Forsythe's X-20. That is one sweet little foamy delta. All I gotta do is figure what is making it roll hard left. Tried trimming it out to no avail as of yet. Third one in the works. Using $ tree foam instead of harder stuff. Probably why is isn't durable as shown in the videos. Well, it was an experiment anyway.

More later