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Posted by NeilRivera | Aug 22, 2016 @ 10:47 AM | 1,855 Views
Video courtesy of Rio_LLD... this is a practice race of 3 quads that we normally have every Wednesday. Enjoy !
Battling abba and hyperneil (1 min 29 sec)

Posted by NeilRivera | Apr 25, 2016 @ 11:52 AM | 2,725 Views
Hello everyone ! This is my first blog and it will be about fpv quad racing . It is the fastest growing aspect of our hobby and a very exiting one ! The purpose of the blog is to help people interested in quad racing select a frame and components to get them into racing/ flying by taking advantage of the advice that I can offer. So here we go !

Fpv setup list

Frame - anything from 180 to 250 mm . 280 is kind of on the big side for racing. The smaller frames (180 mm or less ) are more agile but thigh on space to mount components. An "X" style frame is preferred because it is symmetrical. A stretched X frame is even better . An "H style frame is also good. Stick to 4 motors only. No tricopters or Hexacopters. Frame thickness should be 4 mm . 5 mm is thick and durable but pretty heavy. 3 mm is nice and light but break easier . I fly both. Most top pilots have 4 mm. Here are some hot frames:

1. Katana from . Version 2 just came out . Their sizes are for 6 inch props ( 220 mm ) 5 inch props ( 185 mm ) and 4" props (152mm) . I fly 220 mm and 185 mm. I suggest the 220 mm so you can fly with either size prop. or the 185 mm to fly with 5" props but beware - it is more challenging to build it because of the smaller frame so some planning must be done to accommodate everything .The company is in Tampa and the service is superb. His name is Bruce Dally. Replacement parts are easily available. One thing- if you get a Katana...Continue Reading