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Posted by aussief3b | Jan 13, 2012 @ 05:35 PM | 14,414 Views
During 2009 a couple of events had occurred which provided me with some new models to pedal in 2011. At the Nats I had observed the soaring ability of the Lawicki Ducks and advertized here on the groups to find one for myself. I was fortunate enough to procure an old wood Duck which I got ready to campaign the Rich Kiburis 2M series in Florida during 2010. I also had an unfortunate incident where I accidently kicked a brand new “High End” belonging to Jack Strother during the Nats F3J and became the proud owner of a High End to fly as my primary TD ship in 2010. Some practice over the xmas break with the High End had me rather excited about the different speed at which it flew and it’s ability to range out further and I had high hopes for the season ahead. It was with much anticipation that the year began for me with the annual FSS series starting at our home field on February 20. This series of TD events is flown at multiple locations throughout the year and is generally a two day contest with winners in both Expert and Sportsman classes on each day. At the end of the year the results are added up and the best 4 or 5 scores are counted towards a year end total to decide an FSS Champion in each class. The number of scores dropped depends on how many contests are held or how many scoring opportunities are available. The first 3 rounds of the FSS series were so thoroughly dominated by Rusty Carver and his Onyx that it would be a tough job to haul him back...Continue Reading