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Posted by aussief3b | Dec 26, 2010 @ 12:56 PM | 16,063 Views
It was ironic that my first contest back after 23 years would be at a discipline I had never flown before. Hand launch or DLG were not a contest format in the 80's in Australia and I had never hand launched an RC sailplane into lift in my life before. It waa either a bungee or a winch. Ed White (a long term Orlando Buzzard) befriended me and taught me how to throw the Blaster I had purchased. He also did some mock contest flying with me so I could learn what the tasks would be etc. The Blaster was certainly easy to fly and seemed to be able to go up on a sparrow fart - but I was still unable to keep her aloft at will every flight - no doubt partly because my launch technique was erratic and the height achieved fairly pathetic compared to Ed, and also my lift reading was virtually non existent. During the week leading up to this first DLG contest at Gainesville I contacted Dave Forbes about buying a Vixen from him at the contest. Scraping together just enough funds to pay for the new plane and gas to Gainesville for the weekend - I set off on my first RC Soaring contest adventure in USA. The missus was in Australia so it was going to be a weekend away for play.
The first thing I noticed about the DLG crowd there on the Friday was how friendly and helpful they all were. I was fortunate to have Dave showing me the ropes with my new bagged Vixen and Gerald Taylor saw me struggling and kindly offered much advice to get her trimmed better and my new 9303 radio set to the correct...Continue Reading