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Posted by aussief3b | May 04, 2009 @ 07:41 PM | 17,316 Views
It's Nov 2008. I have been living in USA for 9 1/2 years after moving from Australia in 1999. I have just stumbled across the Orlando Buzzards flying site with my son. It is 23 years since I held a transmitter in my hands and the words moldie and sailplane had never been used in the same sentence. I was re entering a world which had changed completely. The sailplanes I flew were now in a special class called Nostalgia! But I knew two things the minute I saw my first Pike Perfect and spoke to the pilot.....It was a thing of incredible precision and beauty that I had never imagined and I was going to get started flying right where I had left off 23 years ago.
I did not know anything about the aircraft people were flying. I didn't know anything about the radios either. There was much to learn. I was specifically intrigued by the idea that you could actually hand launch sailplanes into thermals consistently enough to have contests doing it. I had to see that. I began to research RC sailplanes on the Internet and within days I had a handle on this board and RCUniverse (aussief3b.) I had searches set up on EBay for radios and planes and I was furiously listing a garage full of old car parts for sale on EBay to finance the new/old hobby. I visited the Buzzards flying field two more times to watch and learn about the hobby. I couldn't wait to get flying.
My first purchase was a used Blaster HLG on this forum and I bought a used JR9303 radio on the RCU forum. Jim McLean at the...Continue Reading