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Posted by aussief3b | Apr 19, 2009 @ 07:19 PM | 23,498 Views
When my son Nathan was born the family began to command a lot more attention. The models got moved around in boxes as we moved from the country town of Warwick to the "big smoke" in 1992 and again into a much larger home in 1995 where there was actually room to display some planes. My F3B sailplane and 2M TBird adorned the ceiling of our pool room in Brisbane for five years as the kids grew up. But still the planes did not fly and my attention was entirely on building a family and a career. Interestingly enough we spent 7 years of our life living within 5 miles of the official Brisbane Model Soaring Clubs flying site and I didn't visit our former flying friends even once. In 1999 when the kids were in their teens my work provided an opportunity to move from Australia to USA. This was an exciting time for us as the adventure of re-locating our lives took hold. The models got packed up again and stored inside a shipping container which I bought to store our stuff in Australia while we were away overseas. And that's where they have stayed for another 9 1/2 long years ------------Until a fateful day in 2008.
We now live in Orlando Florida. The boys are now in their twenties and leisure activities are generally car related these days. As a family we have built cars......... lots of cars, car engines, race cars, show cars, street cars, turbo cars, supercharged cars and generally kept the boys very involved in the garage as they went through school and beyond. We have...Continue Reading