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Archive for January, 2009
Posted by aussief3b | Jan 11, 2009 @ 02:41 AM | 13,425 Views
After picking up a 3rd place with my Maestro Mk3 in my first sailplane contest at the Eidsvold Central Qld Championships in 1982 I was well and truly hooked on contest flying. The Australian Aeromodelling Championships were held in Warwick (my home town) that year so I entered the Maestro in both the F3B and the Thermal Duration contest. Even though I acchieved quite a respectable place in F3B with this old bird (12th) I knew I would need different equipment for this type of contesting. I also learned in this my first F3B contest that F3B was a lot more fun than just duration. Though this big bird always launched on winch with fairly bendy wings they got beyond bendy in the 3rd round of the Nats TD contest and the wing tips finally decided to clap hands. That was the end of the Maestro but the new F3B competition that was developing looked like something that could be real challenging. I had joined the Brisbane Model Soaring club and I bought an (approx 110") RTF F3B ship from another flyer. It had damaged wing tips so I shortened them and my "clipped wing" F3B ship became a bullet in the speed task with ballast on board. It had a glass molded fuse and foam cored, balsa sheeted and glassed wings. They were super strong and not flexy at all. For ballast for the speed task I used an extra long 1/2" dia stainless wing joiner bar instead of the stock alloy one. 3 feet of 1/2" stainless rod actually. Practised for the 1983 Queensland F3B Championships...Continue Reading