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Posted by aussief3b | Dec 18, 2008 @ 11:39 PM | 24,655 Views
With a job and my new found freedom of actually having some of my own money and no longer having to rely on the generosity of my brother, I began my RC career. I purchased a kit from USA Ace Radio Control called a Honker. I already had a few Cox .049 engines from the contol-line PT19 trainers from a few years earlier. The black widow .049 was an especially prized weapon to power my new Honker. I don't remember the all up weight of this model but I can tell you a black Widow only just got her airborne with rudder and elev. What a great little plane to learn on when you don't have an instructor. This plane had a simple two piece plank "Jedelsky" wing where the planks were joined at a slight angle to each other to create undercamber. In a matter of weeks I was buzzing around like an expert and was already planning strip ailerons and a third servo so she would roll better. I bought a TeeDee .051 and retired the black widow and now I had an aerobatic 3 channel Honker. I don't remember what happened to her but she was much loved and absolutely flown to death. I advanced to an ACE Pacer which was a tape strapped hi density foam wing 1/2A "pattern" type aircraft powered again by the TeeDee .051. Great plane and lot's of fun though always rather underpowered. I also bought an Ace AllStar Biplane which I powered with an OS .15 and this became my first 4 channel aircraft with the addition of throttle. I discovered the vagaries of snap rolls on early liftoffs with...Continue Reading
Posted by aussief3b | Dec 07, 2008 @ 08:23 PM | 24,974 Views
I remember having a lot of fun with rubber powered stick models as far back as Grade 1 at school. I distinctly remember making a ramp with a brick and a piece of fibro sheet so I could enjoy the thrill of a ROG rubber stick model. I was 6 years old then. If I wasn't flying kites or playing with folded paper or balsa chuck gliders, I was looking up at the sky watching real planes. My fathers cousin flew in to see us for an over-nighter sometimes (in Warwick Qld, Australia) in his twin engined Piper. He would fly over our house doing steep turns until we heard him and then we would come out and wave vigorously at him. He would then waggle his wings fly the 12 miles to the Warwick aerodrome and wait for us. Dad would drive us out to the strip in the 58 Ford Customline to pick him up. I will never forget the first time he took my brothers and I for a flight over town. That flight was all I needed to be hooked on flying for life. I advanced to my first real balsa model build about 1970 aged 11 when in Grade 6 at school. It was a free flight balsa and tissue sailplane called a Nimbus(Made by Aeroflyte I think and about 3 foot wingspan.) The joy of hooking a thermal off a 150ft towline and nearly losing that plane altogether was the beginning of a lifetime interest in the excitement of finding that invisible rising air and flying my sailplanes in it. I dabbled in control line in Grade 7 and 8 and then through high school with a succession of planes including a Cox .049 PT19...Continue Reading