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Posted by mirored | Jan 01, 2012 @ 09:01 AM | 4,068 Views
Well folks, here I go. It's a new year and I am going to be working on a pretty hefty project, ambitious to say the least. As many of you have heard me say, I wanted to pay homage to a friend and mentor who passed before his time, Ed Avena.

I met Ed in 1978 in Waterford Ct. I was in the Navy and had been assigned to a sub in Groton. I was into control line flying at the time and met up with another control line pilot who showed me an RC plane in his basement. That was cool and I was very interested. He told me of a machinist that had a shop in Waterford on the Post Road. He ran a hobby shop in his machine shop. I visited the shop and immediately made a connection with Ed.

Since I was assigned to a submarine that was out of Scotland, my time in port was fairly plentiful, so I sat in Ed's shop for hours at a time. He taught me how to fly properly without touching a stick. Being a machinist, it should be no surprise that he was a perfectionist. When we did get out flying, he would show me the correct patterns for flying and hold me to it. When I deviated, I would get a boot up my butt and listen to him say "do it right or don't do it at all".

In our conversations, he often referred back to his time he spent in WWII where he was a chief mechanic on board B24 Liberators. Seemingly his favorite plane, one he made his own graphics for his scale plane he built, was for the Worry Bird. He would point out certain aspects of his time in the war and...Continue Reading