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Posted by danamas | Jan 07, 2010 @ 10:15 AM | 2,423 Views
I started flying R/C planes a little over one year ago with the Hobby Zone Super Cub. I tried it out on a very windy day and soon lost sight of the plane as it drifted rapidly with the wind. I lost orientation and I crashed the plane. This was a very humbling experience for me. I then went out and got the EasyFly3 Deluxe flight simulator and did my crashing on the computer. Boy, that was a lot more fun! I got to the point of being able to fly the Super Cub without crashing and could do landings.

After gaining some proficiency(on the simulator) to the point of keeping it right side up, turns, rolls, loops, etc. I decided to get an aileron trainer. I got a high wing trainer(TW Cessna) foamy from Banana Hobby shop in California and started doing the sport maneuvers with that plane. I decided that it was becoming more fun and after inadvertently crashing the trainer nose first into the ground(I shoulda pulled back instead of pushing forward on the stick!), I decided it was time to move into a more powerful plane.

My next plane was the Typhoon2. Wow! That plane was powerful and could go vertical rolling for hundreds of feet! I did a lot of flying with that plane and crashed the snot out of it as long as it could be glued back together! I gained a lot of experience with that plane but could never really do any 3d like hovering, harrier, etc. It always seemed to drop a wing low to the ground.

Now I have the 3dhs Edge 40 in which I am getting the hang of slowly and have just gotten the Slick 42 in version as well. I am looking forward to being able to do some 3d stuff this year. Wish me well!