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Posted by kfong | Jul 13, 2006 @ 09:33 AM | 14,410 Views
It's been a busy year. I've started on quite a few projects specifically for RC. My main interests has been electronics but ever since I caught the flying bug two years back I've been learning all I can on building and flying RC planes. I've created quite a few RC related boards, many I have not had the time to complete the software for or even posted about. This blog seems like a good repository for these projects since they are limited runs and don't have a high enough commercial demand for my main web page. My other interest is in CNC, eventually I hope to see a project that merges all of these interests together. Planned projects are AUV and aerial photography. Biggest setbacks are time and keeping a project interesting enough to see it through.

Email me on a project you are interested in, chances are I probably have the PCB board for it.