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Posted by powercroco | Nov 08, 2013 @ 05:13 AM | 110,329 Views
For all visitors of this blog, who are interested in my speedflying activities, pls. also have a look at


For all visitors of this blog, who are interested in my activities regarding rewinding of brushless motors, pls. also have a look at


Following the recommendations in my medical literature, that only way to deal with people suffering from a pronounced narcissistic personality disorder is to ignore them completely, i have asked the moderation in 2018 to transform my thread:
"my speedmodels, their drives and their props"
into a privately moderated blog.

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One of my personal projects for the 2014 speed season is the second "bird of paradise".
it will fit into the rules of german national "limited" speed-chart.
it's a chimera again:
the fuselage comes from eagle-T, built by marcus koch,
the elevator comes from Teaser f5b, built by niklas kahlich,
the wing is foam-carbonfiber-balsa sandwich, (built in the "ninja way" ) by sascha wendt,
the motor is a 4530 evo based on scorpion prototype.

it is fired by 6S 3300 (limited) to 4200mAh (open).
esc is yge 160FAI - good for >200amps > 10sec (tested in real).
airscrew is my 13x31,5 folder as shorted 3 blade config.
with less than 10000rpm good for 400km/h.

wingspan is 140cm, lenght 125cm.
FAI wingarea is 33,4dm^2, good for 2500grams.