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Posted by gloworm | Nov 07, 2011 @ 04:09 PM | 4,289 Views
Hi all, have just finished a back light mod to a DX6i, I use EL-FOIL with a 5 Volt inverter, the problem I had was that the foil was to big so I had to cut it to size, that leaves you with a problem?? you need to seal the cut edges, otherwise the foil will degrade over time?, not sure what causes this, it may be moisture? , anyway this is how I do it. I use nail varnish, but not painted on, hand not steady enough,LOL, use a piece of hardboard or something like it, and cut 2 strips of insulating tape. or whatever you have handy,stick them onto the board but leave a 3mm or so gap. Cut 2 more strips and stick these on each end. [SEE PIC,S] Now fill your gap with varnish using the bottle brush, make sure your board is level, give the varnish a few seconds to level out, then you will get a nice straight varnish line, and you will get an even encapsulation of the cut edge, dunk the cut edge into the gap slot till you touch the board,do it a couple of times to make sure you have good coverage, JOB DONE. Nail varnish drys quick and is tough, do one edge at a time, but make sure the varnish is good and dry . Hope you found this usefull, regards glo BTW befor anyone asks the EL-FOIL in the picture is an experiment of mine, to see if you can use off cuts,by fitting your own connections, if it works I will post a how to a bit later on..
Posted by gloworm | Aug 14, 2011 @ 03:10 PM | 5,676 Views
Hi all' coming over from HELI'S' when I first got my RADIAN sailplane I did not have a lot of kit' and tried several ways of getting the balance at the C o G and my tail plane level' the best way I found' was to trepann a hole in the foam on the wing saddle at the C o G and epoxy in a small wooden dowel with a hole in the middle' into this I screwed a small hook' now I could hang it from the ceiling' to make sure the tail plane was level' I used the plastic bubble from a cheapo spirit level' as it weighs only .3 of a gram I double sided taped it to the corner of the plastic tail plane holder?. Now all I need to do is hang it from the ceiling with the wings fitted and make sure the bubble in the spirit level is between the 2 lines or wherever I like it best. works brilliant. see pic's hope you find this interesting. regards glo.
Posted by gloworm | Aug 14, 2011 @ 01:05 PM | 4,774 Views
Hi' all if like me you have been unlucky enough to have your coax Ariel on a SPEKTRUM RX brake ' it can be fixed. HERE'S HOW. Mine broke where it entered the case?. I have done a drawing' as I figured it would be more use than a load of PIC'S' but there are a couple of PIC'S of the repaired RX. Here go's. First remove the top half of the case' this is held on by 4 clips that fit into 4 slots' I found that the best way to do this was to break the 2 small strips of plastic at the back of the tab's you only need to do this on one side' when you refit the case half's all you need to hold the case together again are 2 spot's of CYNO' Once you have the case apart' On the end of the COAX that is broken?? [The bit still fixed to the RX circuit board'] There is a tiny brass connection' this plugs onto the RX circuit board' The brass connection is hidden under a black jelly' clean this off'' and pull off the connection' [Tiny in'it']. I found there was little chance of re-fitting the original brass connection?? So this meant I would have to solder the coax wire direct to the circuit board. First strip back
the coax wire' [as per drawing]. Don't bother if you loose a few mm on the length' as the signal is only picked up by the RX from the 30mm or so on the opposite end of the coax wire. On the circuit board' the coax connection' gives very little room to work?? I found it easy'er to use a sharp craft knife on the outside part of the connection and carefully cut...Continue Reading
Posted by gloworm | May 17, 2011 @ 03:35 PM | 7,551 Views
Hi' all don't remember this mod being posted' so i will post it. BTW THIS MOD IS DONE AT YOUR OWN RISK. When setup in ACRO' or HELI the THRO cut button work's fine for ICE's'[ engine's] but for ELEC MOTORS it only work's for the time you hold it down! not good' there is no reason why it cannot be replaced with a switch' the button is just a push to make connection' HERE'S HOW. Pull the silver plastic button of the switch' SEE PIC'S remove the 6 screws from the back of the case' open case be careful of the wires' de-solder the 2 wires on the button CB and remove CB' cut off the 2 CB screw pillars' or do as I did and cut part of the pillars away' then you have enought of the pillars left for the 2 CB screws' if you want to re-fit the old switch at anytime... Then fit a new switch' TYPE SPDT ON/ON' SEE PIC'S... Solder the switch so the up is off and the down is on. eg [MOTOR OFF] SEE PIC'S.... Now you can switch off your ELEC motor for as long as you like'.... just remember that if you were to kill the motor at full throttle' and forgot to put the throttle stick full down'...[ BUT WE WON'T DO THAT WILL WE??] and switched the motor back on.,,,, It would start up at full throttle' other than that it does not effect anything else.... YOU can program a throttle cut / hold in the HELI program using throttle curve, but it,s only any use on HELIS,, THIS switch mod saves you the trouble and can be used on engines [ICE,s] and ELEC MOTOR ESC,s.. You can still use it for...Continue Reading
Posted by gloworm | May 11, 2011 @ 04:45 PM | 4,445 Views
HI all here's a mod for holding in a ballast weight inside a FI-GLASS wing tube
Posted by gloworm | Apr 17, 2011 @ 03:39 PM | 4,410 Views
Hi'all just got myself a parkzone RADIAN and needed to find a cheap C of G balancer' here's a cheapo DIY' if you want to make your own' it works well and does no damage to the foam' hope you find it useful. regards glo HERE'S THE LINK. it's at the bottom of page
Posted by gloworm | Mar 12, 2011 @ 03:50 PM | 6,044 Views
HI all here's a link to a cheapo mod for your DX6i buzzer. It's ideal if your hearing's not as good as it used to be'??? it's near the bottom of page. Hope you like it. regards glo.
Posted by gloworm | Jun 20, 2010 @ 04:03 PM | 5,091 Views
We had only been living at GONNA DOO FARM a few years! when Farmer Dick introduced Annmarie and myself to the farmer and his wife' from up the road 'they seemed like a nice couple'. A bit strange but OK' about par for around here? it was also coming up to Christmas eve so after taking out our gifts and greeting cards we decided to call on them. The lane down to the farm was pitch black' it's about 9 o'clock at night' every so often there's a scare crow or something poking out of the hedge?. I pull up outside the farm house' stick on my hat and get out of the car' there's no lights at all' only from one down stairs window and that's fire light and a TV' after knocking at the back door and then the front' no answer?. I decide to knock on the window? after what seems like ages' A MANIC FACE! looks out' waving a hand AXE! and screaming it's INDIANA BLOODY JONES?. I decide it's not a good time to call' and make tracks PDQ?. Annmarie is killing herself with laughter as we head home??. A couple of days later Annmarie saw the farmers wife in the village' did you come down the farm the other night says she' Noooo says Annmarie?. Good says the farmers wife' it's not a good idea to come after dark as the LAD? [ what LAD!!!.] [ LAD!!! the buggers 40'ish and looked like HANNIBAL LECTOR ON A BAD DAY???]. He goes a bit iffy? what with the fire light and TV say's she???. [YOUR NOT BLOODY KIDDING ?.] I would hate to have looked like one of the bad guys?. We decide not to visit FARMER DICKS FRIENDS! anymore.
Posted by gloworm | May 06, 2010 @ 03:42 PM | 6,115 Views
Hi.all if you make your own FOLDING BLADE HOLDERS and made the DRILL JIG I posted on my blog' you might like to try BUSHING the ROTOR HEAD PIVOT PIN to BLADE HOLDER PIVOT HOLE. WHY. look at it this way would you drive your CAR with a loose WHEEL!. When manufactures make parts they work to TOLERANCES = Limits! UPPER -MIDDLE-LOWER somewhere in between' so every part they make fits it's partner' they build in a certain amount of clearance! unless it's a force fit' we can make our parts ONE OFFS- MATCHED PAIRS' for a better than normal fit' take a set of standard blades for example' the blade pivot hole to rotor head pivot pins have a fair amount of play enough to let the blade tips move up and down quite a few mm' even before' the blades start to flex' bushing the blade holders removes this play' it may even go someway to help in stopping blade strike!. ( Even with a New Rotor Head and New blades I measured 4 mm up - down play!) You still get blade flex that you can't help. Plus side play if you don't SHIM -use spacers -washers for the gaps between the Rotor Head and the Blades. (SEE PIC'S). TRY! this hold your Rotor Head and see if you can move a Blade or Holder up - down if you can it's not a good fit' there should be no up - down movement' just a nice smooth PIVOT. THE HOW TO AND THINGS YOU NEED. METAL POLISH - DRILLS 1mm--2.5mm--3mm or 1-8th---ALI RIVETS--3mm or 1-8th---CYNO--PAINT or NAIL VARNISH--WET AND DRY SANDPAPER'..use a Rivet longer...Continue Reading
Posted by gloworm | Apr 29, 2010 @ 03:54 PM | 6,813 Views
HI all. Down to my last set of standard CX2 blades' and decided to copy frieslander and make my own blade holders' as I have quite a few bust blades and don't want to mark out every pivot hole. I made a simple drill jig. That way every hole will be in the same position' what you need is 4 bits of ply wood - cyno -epoxy -ht bolt an old 6mm allen screw will do - a small clamp screw' cut a piece of oblong ply for the base choose you own sizes'-- a square for the top to hold the bush -- and 2 strips to use as rails. Drill a short length of your HT bolt down the middle 2mm dia' keep as near the center as possiable but it is not critical as you will see later. Now mark out the blade pivot hole and drill 2 mm. Place blade holder on your base and cyno your 2 rails in place' dont glue the blades! using the blade holder as a jig drill. Drill a 2mm hole in base. sit your square piece of ply onto the rails and using the base mark your bush position using the base hole' Now drill the bush hole into your top square' make it a fairly loose fit' Put your 2mm drill into the metal bush---- push the bush into the square piece of ply-- sit ply onto top ply rails--- push drill into base hole making sure everything is square cyno glue it all bush. when set use epoxy around the joints to make it stronger' all you need to do now is drill and fit your clamp screw. JOB DONE. HOPE YOU FOUND THIS USEFUL . PHOTO'S WILL MAKE THINGS A LOT CLEARER. GLO.
Posted by gloworm | Feb 11, 2010 @ 03:58 PM | 6,086 Views
HI all heres my reasons for the extra bearing' it's not good engineering practice to run a long thin shaft at high speed with only bearings at each end' as centrifugal force flings the middle out causing runout and vibration. You can try this yourself by using a thin rod' hold upright on a hard surface place your finger on the top and push the middle to produce a slight bend and turn in a circle' you will see and feel the rod wobble' even at both ends' this will have some effect on the drive gear and bearing' and the same effect on the bearing holder and bearing' shaft and upper rotor head' etc with an extra support bearing for the middle of the shaft it cannot' also it acts as a vibration damper as in effect it turns the shaft into 2 shorter shafts that are a lot stiffer 'so no vibration' try this with your thin rod' grip end of rod with a pair of pliers and flick the rod end with your thumb nail' it will vibrate for some time' if you grip the rod in the middle and do the same it will still vibrate but for a much shorter time' or maybe not at all. The same effect happens to the outer shaft' as the bearing is fixed to this it stiffens the outer shaft and ineffect makes 2 short shafts. This simple mod cured several problems I had at one go' make the model run smoother' far less vibration and less noisy. What it seems to have done is remove most of the vibration out of the rev range that this model flys at. Hope you found this interesting. glo
Posted by gloworm | Feb 09, 2010 @ 05:12 PM | 6,539 Views
Hi all heres the mock up photos I promised' for the extra support bearing for an EFLITE CX2 inner shaft to stop any runout or vibration due to having no support in the middle of the shaft. There is also a way to do the same thing without a lathe! READ ON. I turned a small brass bush on my lathe making it a sliding fit on the inner shaft 2mm dia and the same sliding fit for the bore of the outer shaft' by 4 mm long I then under cut the middle of the bush to allow for the glue' next I drilled a 2 mm hole in one side of the outer shaft as near to the middle of it's length as possible' to allow the glue to run round the bush' cleaned up the inside of outer shaft bore with a round file to get rid of any burrs and also cleaned bore with a piece of rag to remove any grit otherwise bush may have jamed on assembly. When I came to reassemble everything I pushed bush into bore till it covered glue hole and fitted bearing holder and bearing' next in went inner shaft and I used upper and lower bearings to keep support bearing in line' making sure under cut on support bearing was showing through glue hole then I put a spot of cyno on a pin and glued bearing in place' and reasembled outer shaft into main frame' the only thing to watch here is when you replace the inner shaft' make sure that without the inner shaft gear if you turn the inner shaft it does not drag the outer shaft around' if it does polish inner shaft to free it up. IF you don't have a lathe you can still do this...Continue Reading
Posted by gloworm | Jan 26, 2010 @ 03:59 PM | 5,821 Views
It's been cold and windy the last few weeks' and Farmer Dick says I can use the big room to fly my CX2. The room is as big as a small ballroom. The other morning I am having a play' when the door opens' and I hear Dick laughing to himself' the door closes and I think no more about it. That night Annmarie came back from taking Dick's dinner' and Dick tells her that there's been a helicopter flying around the big room' never mind say's Dick' it must have got in through the open window! leave it be say's Dick it will keep the room warm with those propeller thing's going round and round!. I would not be surprised' if Dick thinks it's still there' or it drop's in from time to time for a visit. Theres a lot of strange folk's living around here! More next time glo.
Posted by gloworm | Dec 20, 2009 @ 04:01 PM | 6,174 Views
Annmarie' my better half has just come back from taking Dicks dinner and she says Dick has finally gone off his chump! all she can get him to say is the little bugger has come back!' and he has been a bit quiet for the last couple of days!. The only little bugger we can think of' is what he used to call Connie his cousin who lived with him at the farm' but she's been dead for years. Smokey the cat has also gone missing' so after dinner Annmarie goe's back to see if Dick has seen anything of him' Dick's up in his bedroom so Annmarie calls him from the foot of the stairs' everything's ok till Dick gets to the bottom' he then takes off like a scud missile into the small sitting room' what's wrong say's Annmarie! it's Connie! say's Dick she's in the Big room at the foot of the stair's! but say's Annmarie Connie's been dead for year's I know that! say's Dick but the little bugger said she would come back and haunt me! and she's been playing the panio and singing! he then take's Annmarie to the big room' unlock's the door and pushes Annmarie in and close's the door! Annmarie switches on the light and the piano start's up and so does the cat's meowing!. Connie's singing was not up to much and Dick is a bit deaf! so I surpose you could forgive the mistake. We managed to get the cat out of the piano in the end. Everything back to normal for now! I WISH. MORE TALE'S NEXT TIME
Posted by gloworm | Dec 07, 2009 @ 03:37 PM | 6,030 Views
Farmer Dick' has an uncanny knack of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. When he was in his teens he was taken by his father on a visit to see the taxman' because someone had told them' that Dicks father was selling Veg' Potatoes fruit and stuff' without declaring anything for tax. Dick dressed up in his new coat' sat without saying a word' and I am told that Dicks father convinced the taxman it was untrue' and it was just someone that did not like him and was making trouble'. Just as they were leaving the taxman says to Dick' thats a nice new coat Dick'. YES' says DICK me dad got me it out off the money he is making' selling his fruit and veg! needless to say Dicks father got a nice Big tax Bill' and Dick got a thick Ear. MORE TALES NEXT TIME.
Posted by gloworm | Nov 29, 2009 @ 01:55 PM | 7,627 Views
Annmarie' has been asked by Farmer dick if she would mind doing some washing and she's a bit puzzled!. Sometime back she got dick several set's of new Y front underpants with side vents' but these seem to be to complicated for dick! and he's taken a pair of scissors to them and cut a slot right down the middle' he says they were made for someone that's not built quite right! or left if you catch my drift. Seems to me he had better stick to farming' i don't think he would cut it in the rag trade. More tales from Gonna Doo Farm next time.
Posted by gloworm | Sep 12, 2009 @ 04:22 PM | 6,281 Views
Farmer Dick, Annmarie has just been to see Dick,and has rushed home in a panic,saying you had better come quick. Dick is having a fit , we find Dick sitting bolt upright in his chair glassy eyed staring at the ceiling , head nodding back and forwards like some mad thing, with foam coming out of his mouth. We were just going to phone for the Doctor when things start to calm down. Whats wrong Dick, says Annmarie, Well says Dick, I was just eating an apple when my tooth broke, so I took a fizzer, a fizzer by the way is what we call a water soluble pain killer .Only you are meant to drop it into a glass of water, not Dick he goes and pops it straight in his mouth, hence the foam!. It were like a firework going off in my head ,says Dick. Why didn't you spit it out says Annmarie, well says Dick, you dont think with a firework in your mouth, and I thought I had better sit this out!. We both decide we need a drink and leave Dick getting ready for bed. MORE TALES NEXT TIME.
Posted by gloworm | Aug 26, 2009 @ 03:49 PM | 6,425 Views
ANNMARIE, my better half has just come back from taking , Farmer Dicks dinner, and she cannot stop laughing. It seems Bill , Dicks brother has been on the phone. Now both Dick and Bill are a bit deaf , both have hearing aids but don't actually wear them!, and leave them on the mantel piece, over the fire, switched on! , and swear they can hear well! . The conversation after a lot of grunts and humming and aaahs finished, with Dick being told by Bill that he was actually' wearing his hearing aid, I know, says Dick I can hear you better as well! , Next time you phone our Bill, say's Dick, Put your hearing aid in ,and we can both use it!. TAKES ALL SORTS TO MAKE A WORLD! :Confused: Me too.
Posted by gloworm | Aug 16, 2009 @ 02:39 PM | 6,386 Views
One of my other hobbies is Archery' and Bow makeing' this Bow started life as a bet down the Pub. It was made for fun and some of the material I used I have never seen use befor. Between nocks it is 50 inches,It has a draw weight of 60 pounds, and a draw length of up to 33 inches the handel started life as an old oak chair, the ears are beech' eg. the bits for the string, are an old chair base. The core is bamboo, the back and belly are made from formica with the outer surface sanded off . IT was all made using a penknife and sandpaper, other than cutting the formica strips, this was part of the bet ,just goes to show what you can do with basic tools, the bindings are silk from a local dress makers. The Dragon is a water slide stick on tatoo under several coats of varnish, rubbed down with wet and dry and polished with T Cut.
Posted by gloworm | Jul 16, 2009 @ 03:19 PM | 6,243 Views
Some of you folks may wonder about the name Gonna Doo. Well farmer Dick and farmer Bill, got this nick name from Nigel the brother In-law,as neither Dick or Bill are what you would call workers,and whenever asked about a job that needs doing, the only answer you get ,is I am Gonna Doo that in a bit. This tale is from a few months back. After Dicks minor stroke he needs to be on regular medication so we took him to the Doctors for some more pills, at the same time he has been going to the chiropodist to fix his feet. The doctor had given Dick a new type of pill, blue in colour and he is convinced they are Viagra, Dick also has a habit of keeping his bank roll in his trouser pocket, and every now and then, giving It a feel, somewhat like Michael Jackson. We get to the chiropodist and the young lady that fixes his FEET asks if he is on Medication,YES! says Dick' Viagra!, and starts to feel his bank roll. The young lady gives him a strange look? takes a quick look at his feet, and tells him that she won't need to see him for a long time. Wonder Why! More tales next time.