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Posted by Boneswamped | Dec 09, 2018 @ 09:30 AM | 1,538 Views
I first saw this conversion on justwingit’s YouTube channel while he was covering Collin Harrington’s bird

E-flite Carbon-Z Cessna 150 2.1m - Colin Harrington's TEXAS TAIL-DRAGGER! SEFF 2018 (8 min 24 sec)

I knew I had to convert mine as soon as I saw it. I began researching the conversion I’d seen and found that the parts used in the video were very expensive. PR Bush wheels provided the main and tail wheel for his conversion (extremely high quality but very expensive), while the leading edge slats came from flex innovations and are used on their Cessna 170.

I was able to source my main wheels from Dubro ($28 on Amazon), and the tail wheel is a generic assembly from amazon for 30cc gas airplanes ($18 on Amazon). The leading edge slats from Flex innovations were $24.99 plus shipping.

I had to do a little exploratory surgery on the bottom of the aircraft while slicing it open to move the gear forward. Wasn’t too difficult after I committed to making the first slices in the fuselage. I built a light ply box to mount the main gear to in its new forward position, and used another piece cut into the tail to mount the new tail assembly on. Epoxy was used in both cases for strength.

The end result in my opinion is a much more capable aircraft that flys like a giant Timber. It does all the fun STOL stuff and is still fully aerobatic. There is a little coupling that occurs in a knife edge now as a result of the giant Dubro wheels but I’m good with it. The added weight doesn’t seem to have made a bit of difference either. If you like the Timber and you have the Carbon-Z Cessna... I highly recommend the mod!
Posted by Boneswamped | May 09, 2010 @ 12:13 AM | 7,324 Views
I'm posting links to a few of the builds I've done on R/C groups. I wish I had a log for everything I've built over the years, but there was no internet when I started.

Flying Balsa "Scout":

Pitcairn PCA-2:

RPG Autogyro:

AcoA Kellett modification:

WNF 342 Doblehoff:

Profile Kellett:

Pogo VTOL:

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