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Posted by Mark | Feb 13, 2012 @ 07:30 PM | 3,110 Views
My original rocket jet is about 10 years old now,... hard to believe, and after a lot of flights it was looking a little rough. It flew great on only 450watts and 10 heavy nicads.

I decided to make a new fuse and make some improvements. I will use the old wing, the fuse will be bigger and a little longer, stab will have sweep
and the fan unit will be raised up from the stab. There will be more power too

Here we go

a little progress , got the tail group added and more work on the nose...Continue Reading
Posted by Mark | Jan 08, 2012 @ 07:25 PM | 3,365 Views
OK, here is a little project I have been working on for about a year with a few breaks along the way. The plane is an ARF called the Firebird. It is designed for a pusher prop (gas/electric) and was sold by Texas RC planes. I ordered the plane based on a few pictures, I thought it would be a quick, easy EDF conversion .....well it didn't quite turn out that way.
I ended up cutting and modifying just about every part of the plane. There are so many mods I could not list them all, so I will go over the major points:

remodel of the whole top of the fuse
move stab up and back
added sheeting to top and bottom of stab for full airfoil
lay down servos
custom landing gear and front wheel fairing
fabricated fan mounting system
nacelle fairing

span 52"
wght 7lbs
ARC 36-75-1
6S 4200 Hyperion

here is a video of the original model with a pusher prop Reading
Posted by Mark | Feb 13, 2011 @ 02:48 PM | 3,282 Views
Design goals:

a unique jet, stronger faster, better looking

The stock sniper flys good but has a few things I didn't like:

wing- too much much sweep, root cord too narrow, weak
fuse- poor acces through the canopy, no radius on the intakes, short nose section, short tail cone
stab- flat plate design(no airfoil) not enough sweep or rake
vertical- too small, rudder too small and bad angle, too much rake

other than these few things...I liked it

So let's fire up the dremel and get going!

I cut the entire top off the fuse, and made a one piece top by joining the canopy to the cutoff turltedeck
1/4 balsa was used to make a stiff frame for the canopy

The intakes were cut back almost 2" this allowed me to create some seperation between the intake and the outsided fuse. Pink foam was epoxied in this space to make it consistent and strong, then more foam added to the front to create the nice round intakes.
The new intakes are about 1" shorter than stock which gives me a longer nose section, improving the proportions.
A new subdeck was made from 1/32 ply, this brings back the structural integrity of the fuse and gives me a place to mount the ESC

...Continue Reading