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Posted by basser | Mar 23, 2018 @ 06:50 PM | 1,843 Views
Differential Throttle, electric twin, for the iX12

1. You first set up a second throttle channel. Let's use AUX2. THRO will be the right motor, and AUX2 will be the left motor.

2. Go to Channel Assign and set the Input for Aux2 to INH. Port assignment for AUX2 will be AUX2.

3. Set up a Throttle Cut switch. Lets use switch H. Set the position to whatever you want. Most electrics will be -100% in the “cut” position.

4. Set up a mix, Normal, THR > AX2, rates 100% / 100%, 0 Offset, Trim enabled, Switch H. Highlight the boxes under the switch so that the AX2 throttle works when you are in the "run" position. When you flip to "cut" the THR channel will go to low throttle and AX2 will go to the center.

5. Make another mix, Normal, ON > AX2, with rates of -100% / -100%, 0 offset. Set the switch to H and make it active when you flip H to the "cut" position.

6. At this point you should see common action for both THR and AX2 for both positions of H. In one position they both operate, and in the other they both go to -100%.

7. Make another mix, Normal, RUD > THR, 0 offset, trim off, again using switch H so that the mix will be active in the "run" position. Adjust the Rates so that when you move the rudder stick to the right, THR goes toward low throttle. When you move to the left, nothing should happen on THR. (rate example 0% / 50%)

8. Make another mix, Normal, RUD > AX2, 0 offset, trim off, again using switch H so that the mix will be active in the "run" position. Adjust the Rates on this one so that when you push the rudder stick left, the AX2 channel goes toward low throttle.When you move the stick to the right, nothing should happen on AX2. (rate example -50% / 0%)


You only want the rudder to throttle down, never throttle up.
Both throttles should work together on the throttle stick, throttle cut should work on both throttles, rudder input should slow the motor on the side your rudder stick is moving.
Posted by basser | Mar 27, 2012 @ 06:05 PM | 4,713 Views
those where fun days. the ace seamaster was the plane of choice back then for float flying.
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i used to have some decent building skills.
all these planes where built from kits.
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this is my sig 4 star 60 i built in 2002 from a kit. the plane only lasted a dozen flights when the receiver crystal went out.


Posted by basser | Mar 27, 2012 @ 05:39 PM | 4,594 Views
my kit built Great Planes 60 size cub. i built this in 2001.
i ended up selling it and it was crashed just a few flights later.
This was probably the nicest kit plane i ever built.