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Posted by Slider2732 | May 28, 2017 @ 05:11 PM | 2,779 Views
Some background - a while ago, I bought 8 spare motors for my Eachine E010. All arrived as the same direction !!!
It flew fine for about 4 flights, then has progressively lost power and punch as the 2 'wrong' ones have decayed over another dozen flights.
So, a Furibee F-36 was bought as a source of spare least that was the intention. I've had a weird time with my other F-36, it goes screwy for yaw on high rates sometimes. It'll spin 720 degrees around to the same spot rather than turn by a few degrees. Idea there being to swap the Rx on the other F-36 and use the motors for the E010.

Anyway, we're due to travel to MN in a few days time, needing a camera platform for analysis of a church that my wife has inherited. I've only got a couple of options, the failing E010 with Hubsan 2MP camera, or/and convert the spare F-36 with the guts from the disappointing Z201YS WiFi enabled quad (it turned at the speed of a dead snail and faught wind like a plastic bag doesn't !)

So, the idea - take the canopy off the F-36, put the Z201YS guts on top and convert it to use a 205mA lipo.
It all went very well, except my soldering iron bust. Time for another...seems to be every 2 months or so like clockwork.
A piece of paper was glued on top of the F-36 board, then Z201YS mainboard, WiFi and camera on top. A connector was made to convert the battery end.
Just did a test and it all went very well. Was outdoors in case of weird yaw or something, but will be tried indoors to assess any needed trim. It seems to be stable, no wandering and especially there's very little in the way of jello. I have to muck about with the Tx to get lines in the recording or on the phone display. The WiFi link to the phone is fine, no interference from the F-36 board. It doesn't like direct sunlight, fair enough, never did and is only a CMOS 640x480 image but IS an option now for recording up in MN.
AUW 26g with a 205mA

Pic of conversion and an outdoor still:
Posted by Slider2732 | May 23, 2017 @ 03:46 PM | 2,696 Views
Went and did it, reduced the near 45 degree dihedral of the Gravity Spitfire.
A V-shaped cut down the middle allowed using a weight on top of the upside down wings to hold them overnight, while the Aleene's glue set. The spigot hole things for the 2 retainers had to be enlarged due to the change and they have FixAll glue to hold them (was worried it might melt the foam but set fine).
Just need to make little fillets now for the body to wing join, because the mounting angle is a bit different on the underneath.
It looks FAR better than original.
Posted by Slider2732 | May 20, 2017 @ 12:17 PM | 3,335 Views
A friend forwarded the info about the Taylor decision against the FAA.
Looking at the FAA response,
It's unlikely they'll accept it.

It all made me think of the classic intro by Richard Burton, to Jeff Wayne's 70's musical version of The War Of The Worlds:

"Noone would have believed, in the first years of the 21st century, that human affairs were being watched from the timeless halls of state. Noone could have dreamed, that we were being scrutinized, as someone with a microscope would study drones that swarm and multiply like drops of water. Few men even considered the possibility of lights on their Gannets and yet, across the golfing race, minds immeasurably inferior to ours regarded this hobby with devious eyes.
And slowly, and surely, they drew their plans against us"

For reference:
The Eve of the War (9 min 8 sec)

Posted by Slider2732 | Mar 30, 2017 @ 11:53 PM | 3,889 Views
Defiant, because this bird didn't seem to want to fly at first.
CG seemed fine, power seemed fine. In the end it was found to be the motor thrust angle.
I'd followed the instructions to the letter on this old skool Gravity Hobby Spitfire and that had included seating the 180 sized brushed motor in the small ridges up front. As it turned out, somehow the angle was idea how to this day !

Anyway, once the nose was fixed up again after doinking it on the maiden, she remaidened and now I learned something cool. This Spitfire needed far less elevator than I had thought it would. Completely flat was worked out during the video below, near the end lol. However, even at 2:00 in the video she flew hands off, as evidenced by me holding the TX up to the camera.

A good straightforward build other than that alignment error, with good if not brilliant moldings.
The amount of dihedral is something to work on, especially if I do end up putting ailerons on..
For now though, it's another good flying Spitfire, have never known one to fly badly.

Brushed 180 motor - supplied in the box
AR6100 RX
2x 3g servo's
350mA 2S - mounted via a bottom cut out modification
AUW 4.0 oz
T/R/E controls

Spitfire "Defiant" remaiden (4 min 5 sec)

Posted by Slider2732 | Mar 27, 2017 @ 03:16 PM | 4,030 Views
Haven't posted in a while, so I intend to write up some builds from the past few months.
But first, my latest 'thing', Carbonara.
Yep, named after an Italian pasta dish, this is an Eachine E010/Furibee F36 type.

Eachine E010 RX
4x Chaoli CL-0615 6mm motors (seller sent 8x same direction blue/red motors unfortunately)
2x orange 4 bladed props from the F36 spares bag
2x red 4 bladed props from the E010 spares bag
150mAh JJRC lipo (with wires plus plug end desoldered & swapped for correct polarity)

The idea, was to see if 1mm CF rod, salvaged from old planes in my Boneyard, could work within a simple frame for a quad. Veroboard would form the main frame area, the dimensions would be similar to an Eachine E010. The Eachine RX was intended to be a spare, after dunking the genuine article in a water filled bowl in our kitchen sink.

Why not use a real frame ? because I have none and not too much in the way of cash resources.
Plus, the idea appealed and another idea was to try out an old freeflight aircraft technique of using cotton & white glue to secure the motors.
All went well
The CF rods were cut from old aircraft control links, glued with Fix All to the veroboard and the motors went on well with the cotton and white glue method. Once the motors were exactly aligned, I used CA glue to make the motor positions rock solid.
Final AUW = 15g

Luckily, no trim was needed and she has plenty of power.
The best part, is that without prop guards this little thing doesn't feel the wind !!!!
It's now my 'go to' for windy weather yet is about the lightest thing I own !

Video, showing windy flight near the end:

Carbonara - quirky homemade drone (4 min 26 sec)

Posted by Slider2732 | Jul 20, 2016 @ 04:28 PM | 5,180 Views
Clean forgot to post this build from a couple of weeks ago...
R/T for roasting tin.

Having never flown an EDF anything, a natural thought would have been to build a any sensible person would do.
So, a Nutball type shape was decided on
I grabbed the kitchen roasting tin and set about making an elongated Nutball....a bit like go faster stripes, the body of it would be stretched. It still doesn't make sense does it.

On to the shape went a brushed GWS 40mm EDF, salvaged from a crashed Kid Galaxy flying wing from circa 2009, that I bought at a seconds store.
10-15A brushed ESC, ex Harbor Freight Mustang I believe
AR6310 RX
2x 3.7g servo's
260mA Venom 2S lipo
12.6" wingspan, 17" length
RET controls
AUW 3.2oz

It was too heavy on the first flight attempts. So, off came the landing skids underneath, the other ESC was replaced by this Harbor Freight one (lightened by removing plastics and changing the wire gauge) and also the thrust tube was completely removed.
And she flew !

Jetball R/T - what the heck ? (3 min 16 sec)

Posted by Slider2732 | Jul 01, 2016 @ 04:31 PM | 6,001 Views
An odd flight experience of the AR6400 Hawker Hotspur.
This model is often passed up, in favour of the Hurricane, but flies very sweetly even with just rudder and elevator, as fitted to this one.
My original Blog post, with pics and build details is here:

As may have been noted, the sun sets on the road side of the small field that I fly at. However, yesterday evening saw some lightning at around 7.30pm and then reddened 'sunset' clouds in the North !
I mention that, because of the odd flights of both the Hotspur and a Nutball type aircraft up there at about 8.15pm. At that time, the temperature was about 84F and the wind was around 5mph. What may be important, is that the field grass hasn't been cut in many months, except up at the North end where there is a baseball diamond.
What am I getting at ?
Both would suddenly rise by several airframes worth of height, or occasionally drop by the same amount. Micro pockets of what I think were thermals (?). I had thought that thermals wouldn't be strong with any wind, so that is the point of my post...anyone see this sort of thing regularly ?

In the vid clip below, i'm using the elevator quite a bit to give a balanced lazy looking flight of the Hotspur. But notable moments include near the start, where she comes back far higher from the sunset direction than when going toward it, with no throttle increase or up elevator used. Also, dips and rises which should be accompanied by large changes in throttle.
A fun experience, but one that I don't yet understand !

Hawker Hotspur - Northerly sunset + bubble lift (1 min 32 sec)

Attached below, are a pic of the Hotspur and the weather conditions as reported by Wunderground for yesterday.
Posted by Slider2732 | May 30, 2016 @ 08:48 AM | 5,535 Views
8mph may not seem to be anything to worry about for a lot of aircraft, but, what if it weighs only 7 grams ?
Such was the case yesterday with the converted Floureon FX-10 pico quadcopter build shown in the last Blog post. It's now somewhat of a little Nutball. The span is 6", it's made from a polystyrene plate and uses differential thrust from 2x4mm motors that notoriously bind !

Because of a storm rolling in, I decided to go to the local field earlier than the usual 8pm for this time of the year.
My other Nutball type has flown well in 17mph wind, so how would this do ? the screencap below shows that winds were somewhere near to 10mph at 7pm, falling toward 5mph by 8pm. The Microball took to the air at about 7.15pm.
It retains some quad features, notably a sort of flip mode, where pressing down on the right stick allows it to roll in a spiral to quickly reduce height...very useful when taken by wind gusts. Range is a good solid 100ft or so, as tested yesterday, sometimes not by choice.

Check it out...

Microball in 8mph wind (2 min 9 sec)

No sound, due to being recorded with the Hubsan 2mp camera.
Posted by Slider2732 | May 23, 2016 @ 01:35 PM | 5,997 Views
I've seen conversions discussed of heli's to planes, most notably in the 'Cheap helis to planes' thread in the Indoor and Micro section.
But a quadcopter ?
A pico quad ?

In December of last year I ordered a Fluoreon FX-10 and it arrived with a binding motor. The first flight saw it zoom off to the right into a livingroom wall...of course the soft cushiony couch was to the left.
After attempts with graphite, thin oil and more the quad only ever gave about 2 mins of flight and likely struggled all the while with that motor. I then swapped it out with a salvaged spare and, the new motor had much more power than the others...didn't fly right at all.

What to do ?

How about converting to a diff thrust plane, steering using 2 of the motors.
I knew that the gyro would need to be defeated, yet had only ever seen heli's discussed and mostly WL Toys receiver based. Hmm. Well, it was doing nothing sat around unflyable.
A search on the chips was embarked upon, The first was found to be the radio chip, but the 2nd was indeed the gyro, an N540. However, no datasheet was found.
OK, well, it has to connect to the main processor on the other side of the board, so some circuit tracing was embarked on and 1 line did indeed go through the board to the other side. That trace was also, semi conveniently near the bottom of the board, but inconveniently right above the lipo connecting points !
Firstly, would it bind with 2 motors missing ? - yes.
Careful tape placement then saw...Continue Reading
Posted by Slider2732 | Apr 18, 2016 @ 12:58 PM | 6,203 Views
A little 9.5"/24cm wingspan airframe that was sent to me by good friend Aeronaught, is now back in the air after a number of years.
I'd thought it was a single winged Micro Ultimate model, until realising that the top wing hadn't been lost in a box somewhere, it was always a single winged aircraft !
Around 2009, this flew with ITC F-22 guts and then was stored, along with quite a few other models.
An aim recently, had been to fix up otherwise discarded and abandoned circuit boards. This one features an Estes RX, that only has pulse or full throttle and a bang bang actuator rudder. Quite the challenge to get anything to go well with such limited control....good

A 130mAh sits in the front, motor is a 7mm Hubsan replacement , with Hubsan prop and the actuator is a self wound 450 turns unit of 40AWG wire, with a piece of HDD magnet.
It really does fly very nicely, perhaps more a testament to Aeronaughts build quality than my rebuilding and flying abilities.

Early one recent Sunday morning, I took it out for a spin. Here's the flight video and below some pics:

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Posted by Slider2732 | Apr 02, 2016 @ 05:28 PM | 6,246 Views
A self designed system, using own written code that now finds itself on a popular Nutball type aircraft.
In the video below, the first flight section tests were in 4-5mph wind.
The second flight section was in 14mph winds, as reported by for 30 March 2016.

The code itself is highly experimental and therefore not available for download, for safety reasons. There are some well established other programs such as Cleanflight and ArduPilot that are much further along - i just wanted to code something from scratch as a challenge.
As such, there are 1024 steps resolution on 3 channels, plus a 4th switch type channel, for lights or guns (as on the previous Blog post of the Mitsubishi Zero scratchbuild).

Nutball spec:
12" Dollar Tree foamboard (paper removed)
10g brushless, 5x3 prop from a Sky II toygrade of years ago
10A speed controller
2x 3.7g servos
3.3V Arduino Pro Mini, with battery to the RAW input
nRF24L01 2.4GHz module - also one in the transmitter - short range, to be upgraded
7.4V 260mAh 2S Venom lipo
Throttle, Rudder, Elevator + switch channel
Flight time around 8 minutes
AUW 2.9oz

Also maybe of note, the servo links are made from pieces from a metal cooking tray, with the legs from capacitors and heatshrink tube to connect.
The dihedral is less than some and the body flat part wider than some...most of which because I used the playfield lines on my AirHockey table to line things up straight lol

Arduino/nRF24L01 - Nutball ! (4 min 27 sec)

Posted by Slider2732 | Mar 07, 2016 @ 11:21 AM | 6,096 Views
A scratchbuilt Arduino controlled Mitsubishi Zero.
This will be a longer entry than usual, to explain what on earth i've done

This project had its beginnings around Christmas, when a bargain $9.95 (free P+P) clearance purchase arrived of an Aircore Zero airframe. It proved difficult to fly, with my own electronics in it, or the factory spec Aircore ones. Very twitchy and, not wishing to ruin it through lack of expo abilities on my DX5e, decided to make a beater version. It may have been cheap, but certainly doesn't look it.
Then - why not use the full expectations of crashing badly, to fly it with self written code using Arduino's ? - perhaps I could bring in expo code, what could go wrong ? lol

Wingspan - 22" KFm2
ZMR 1804 motor
10A speed control
5.5x4.5 propeller
2x 3.7g micro servo''s
Self made servo links, using fiberglass rods from a Dollar Tree kite
Arduino Nano's, 1 each in the aircraft and the TX
nRF24L01, 1 each in the aircraft and TX
Battery - 2S 260mAh lipo
Weight - 4.9oz (compared to 4.6oz of the Aircore)
Previously 4.3oz without elevator and nose/wing strengthenings.

The coding in fact went well, nuggets of info about the Arduino libraries most certainly helping to move the project along. Little things, like the servo library also applying to an ESC, or how the map function works. All of it most certainly furthering confidence and abilities with C++ too...and making more profits for coffee manufacturers into the early hours !
Flyoff code was an...Continue Reading
Posted by Slider2732 | Feb 24, 2016 @ 08:50 AM | 6,610 Views
I'd never heard of this Hawker prototype, so embarked on a bit of research and then a build. With having been kindly given an AR6400 receiver, this could form a great first build with it.
The Hotspur had a few interesting features. The gunners dome, which Boulton-Paul put on their famous Defiant, Henley fuselage and, Hurricane wings.

Wingspan - 17"
Dollar Tree foam, paper removed, shape sanded
Receiver - AR6400
7mm coreless and gearbox
Spektrum skinny prop, original to the AR6400 after many others were tried
Battery - 1S 150mAh
Rudder, elevator, throttle
AUW - 34g

The build went well, though the intended ailerons haven't been fitted yet. 2 pieces of foam form an otherwise profile fuselage. The wings have quite a thin KFm2 step, which also adds rigidity, those are sanded toward the outer edges. Washout to the wingtips and wing rears, similar to flying wing sandings.
Initial flight trials showed lackluster performance, but, surely the original prop would be too long and skinny ? That prop was eventually refitted to the stock gearbox and everything was transformed...the difference was unbelievable. Before, it had struggled to remain airborne, needing gentle stick movements, but now it flew off without issue and very strongly. Good speed, sharp turns, will float along if wished.
The video shows that first real flight, a total joy in comparison.
Am very pleased with this Hotspur, which is likely to receive roundels, as well as the ailerons. Also, from a history of such things, am quite surprised that the Star Wars gunner dome has kept its guns throughout all flight trials !

Hawker Hotspur real maiden (1 min 54 sec)

No audio, due to being a Hubsan 2MP quad camera on a hat.

Pics -
Posted by Slider2732 | Feb 20, 2016 @ 08:56 PM | 6,720 Views
Another catch-up post....
This flying wing was intended as a quick, 30 minute build, to test an old 40mm EDF unit. However, during the backyard throws with it onboard, it was noted that the airframe was really quite good. The brushed EDF, however, was not up to the task.
So, the EDF came off and a regular pusher brushless setup went on.
On seeing the new Boeing 737 MAX wingtips, I thought about doing something similar with a flying wing. That's why this one looks a bit like a squashed Star Wars TIE-fighter, at least to my eyes.

Dollar Tree foam with black paper on (I know, i didn't know they do black either)
Wingspan - 26"
Receiver - AR6110E
2 x 3.7g servo
ZMR 1804-2400KV motor, after trials with other types for a 'best fit'
Firebird Phantom prop
2S 450mA
AUW - 5.4oz

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Posted by Slider2732 | Feb 17, 2016 @ 12:39 PM | 6,322 Views
Purchased at Dollar Tree in around 2009, this foam glider was forgotten about in our backyard shed. It had suffered a crumpled tail and other problems over the years.
But then, an idea. Could it be salvaged, fitted out with some strong toygrade gear and actually be flown ?

Shed Jet specs:
Wingspan - 22"
AIr Hogs Mini Storm Launcher motors and receiver
2x 150mAh 1S lipo in parallel
AUW - 2.5oz

I replaced the very odd and short squat tail vertical, also replaced the crumpled tail horizontal. After some eventful and quite comically rubbish flights with the original wings and some weak EDF type motors, things got changed out. On went new wings, the others would have needed a lot of work on especially the tips and rears. The new wings have KFm2 type top sections and an underwing support made of a piece of metal cooking rack ! Underneath were fitted the 2x MSL motors and props.
Now, for a fly down at the field.
It was too windy, I should have known better, but simply wanted to know if the weight could be flown by the gear. Nearly everything ever made with MSL gear 'back in the day' had a top weight of exactly 2oz and this, well 2.5oz is quite the difference.
Did it fly ? yes indeed, with a look and grace far removed from how it looks !
It will be going back out there in calm conditions and deserves a bit of a paint job. Maybe outer winglets too, to bring it up to date.

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Posted by Slider2732 | Feb 14, 2016 @ 09:45 AM | 6,385 Views
Remember these ? little infrared indoor flyers from 2008.
The story of this one starts in September 2009, when it was bought at a local returns store for $1, missing its transmitter. More info in that Blog post:
It was fitted out with a few different sets of gear, such as ITC twin motors and even reversed around to fly in the other direction. Those were iterations 1, 2, and 3.
I found the airframe recently and, even though it was now in an awful shape, embarked on an idea - to fly the thing outside in full sun. Also, to see if a non gearboxed small prop will work for walking speed flight and to see if an onboard 'brick' servo output can work with an actuator coil.

Cyclonix4 has the following spec:
Receiver - Minium 3
7mm coreless motor
Hubsan H107C quadcopter prop
Homemade 450 turn actuator coil, with a piece of HDD magnet.
130mAh Fullriver lipo (older than the hills too)
Throttle and rudder
AUW 18 grams

Everything had to be cleaned up, strengthened and fixed. A new tail was made, which replaced whatever it was from years ago !
Initial indoor flight tests were good, so it was taken outside for a proper spin around the backyard. It's such a joy to fly one of these anyway after such a long time, with the full sun now being no issue, as a bonus. The high alpha is about right and the turning is great. Am very pleased with how it's turned out.

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Posted by Slider2732 | Feb 12, 2016 @ 05:20 PM | 7,498 Views
Another catch up post, for an aircraft built last October that has gone onward to be a complete and total joy to fly.
It's the Avro Arrow, a fantastic Canadian jet from the 1950's, that was canceled after several had been built. Nearly everything, including the aircraft were immediately ordered to be destroyed. This bird was production ready !
The story itself of this beauty makes for great reading or viewing:
On YouTube /watch?v=7sFRiacvNYo for a documentary.
Also /watch?v=9PMnlnqRex4 for a film made about the planes story,

My own story
While out at the local field flying another plane, I saw something sticking up out of the ground. On walking closer to it, it was found to be an archery arrow !
It seems someone had been practicing and, perhaps because one of the vanes had snapped off the end, this arrow had been disregarded. I plucked it out of the ground and had the immediate idea that it could form a strengthening piece, like a CF rod, for an Avro Arrow. An arrow in an Arrow.

Dollar Tree foam, paper removed
Wingspan: 18"
Length: 24"
Eflite 250 motor
5x3 toygrade Sky II prop
AR500 receiver
2x 3.7g servo's (odd implementation detailed later)
2S 450mAh Admiral lipo
Elevons as elevator, Rudder, Throttle
AUW 5.6oz

Initial tests were bad, there was no power from an old (2009) homemade CD-Rom motor. So that was changed to the Eflite 250. The prop had also been a GWS 5x3 and yet the toygrade one far excelled it for...Continue Reading
Posted by Slider2732 | Feb 10, 2016 @ 01:03 AM | 6,200 Views
It was a mid 1930's Soviet fighter, more info here:

This one was built in October of last year, but only maidened in November. I'd actually been scared of it on its first outing, which amounted to a fast left hand lap of the small flying field and a quick landing !
It was at that point, that I realised that WOT flying wasn't needed, there was bags of power and she would actually fly at about 1/4 throttle.
On returning out for a real go, I ended up doing my first barrel roll ever - as seen at about 50 seconds into the video (video is silent, due to being taken with a Hubsan quadcopter 2MP camera, mounted on a hat).

Dollar Tree foamboard (no paper)
24" wingspan, with KFm2
Wingspar made from a kitchen cooking rack metal bar !
Eflite 250 motor
5x3 type prop from a Sky II toygrade plane
2S 400mAh lipo

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Posted by Slider2732 | Jan 19, 2016 @ 12:13 AM | 7,609 Views
Finally, finally, finally !
Scubby is a Mini Super Cub type, Super Cubby, Scubby.
Featuring - FliteTest type power pod, magnet held KFm2 wings, quadcopter motor, single servo for ailerons, wings that were built originally for my actual MSC about 6 years ago as spare.

Dollar Tree foamboard
WS 30", ailerons, elevator, throttle
ZMR 1804 motor, 2400kV (intended for quadcopters)
Carbon 5x3 prop
Spektrum AR6110E RX
2x 9g servo
Admiral 450mAh 2S
AUW 6.6oz

Couple of mph wind, glorious clear sky, 35F...not so good about the last part, but anyway.
The idea, was to get this scratchbuild on video. Nothing fancy, just a leisurely fly around.
The magnetic wing works well, less than stellar landings see it pop clean off and pop clean back on. Also makes it an easy thing to transport to the field in a kitchen bin liner (lol)
The last part of the vid is fun. I'd intended to land her right next to my feet, but, overshot because she floats like a Zeppelin. Had to duck
(no audio, due to being a Hubsan H107C quadcopter 2MP camera...on a hat)

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Posted by Slider2732 | Jan 13, 2016 @ 11:37 PM | 7,110 Views
Following the idea to scan in, enlarge and build a wooden desk ornament type of kit plane from foam, this is my R/C version of a similar model.
The build plans for mine, were in a Harbor freight $1.99 model. How neat if such a thing could actually fly R/C and, other folks wishing to build would have the plans right there in the box. Plus, the plywood version of course, to practice the build.

Wingspan is 11"/270mm
ItCanFly 900MHz transmitter and receiver
Homemade rudder actuator of 360 turns, 40AWG, piece of HDD for magnet.
Motor and gearbox from a Silverlit SingleWing.
150mAh 3.7V lipo
Weight is 22g

See video description for a link to GrandadIsAnOldman's original foam build.
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