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Posted by Maq001 | Apr 24, 2009 @ 12:50 AM | 2,235 Views
I've not been flying RC a year yet. I truly enjoy it for many different reasons. I've been able to meet the most interesting and friendly people. I've been involved in other sports and activites but not one quite like this where there are so many people willing to help you learn the ropes. There is quite a learning curve and it doesn't take long to realize that when you make a mistake, you are probably not the first to do so.

I rapidly got the bug when I started less than 8 months ago... I have now 8 airplanes. One a month! I didn't plan it that way but it just sort of grew. My interest have changed as those before me told me it would. I thought for sure that I would be into building light aircraft from balsa and learning to cover them and fly them I still have interst in this activity but I find myself drawn more and more at this time to the warbirds.

It's a great hobby with so many different avenues of technology to spark your interest. From balsa building to flying RTF's to considering helicoptor's, slope gliders, control line or free flight. There is something for everyone.

Right now after finishing my 8th ARF, I'm just anxious to become a better pilot. I just want to log some stick time while becoming better and more comfortable at different parks with different weather. Everyday I find something new that sparks my interest.

I don't think I'll ever have all the planes I want, but I'll sure have all that I can afford.....

I've never met a more fun group of guys and gals to get to know and enjoy.

Thanks to all those who have given me instructions and advice in person and online. All of you are what make this hobby so darn much fun!!