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Posted by CrazyHerb | Dec 02, 2007 @ 07:23 PM | 4,928 Views
Tested out my new BP 4120-7 on 3200 4S lipo APC 13x10 folding prop with a 1.75 in dubro spinner.

Had to cut the "prop taper" out of the spinner to accept the folding hub, but it actuall fits really well, once cut.

Juiced it up with a spare Dynam 60A ESC and old spare rx and battery.

Pulls 35A at full throttle! Puts out lots of wind.....this is the biggest outrunner I've ran yet...I'm pretty impressed so far.... thinking of building a smaller version of my 10 ft Delta for it...
....maybe a 6ft or 8ft???
Posted by CrazyHerb | Nov 11, 2007 @ 07:48 PM | 4,391 Views
Ok, so I found this 22 foot kite/windsock pole at local kite shop that went out of business for super cheap. It's telescopic and after a quick snip of the swivel mount at the tip, threaded a 1/4x20 bolt through the top I have a great little camera pole!

Add my little wireless video downlink and it actually works amazingly well!!
Even the kid thought is was cool (not as cool as the heli/planes though).
Posted by CrazyHerb | Feb 15, 2007 @ 02:39 AM | 4,866 Views the DE Voltage Regulator all wired up.
- Shortened the video cable and stripped off the audio wire
- Set up for E-flight 7.4V 800mah Lipo

Walked around the house with the eyetops on and left my camera on the table in the garage transmitting....funny stuff.

I have to modify my tilt mount to make a little clearence for the video out cable from camera to Tx. But all is looking good!

I took a self-portrait with camera on timer "looking at myself"....
Posted by CrazyHerb | Feb 14, 2007 @ 08:48 PM | 4,921 Views
My new RangeVideo downlink arrived today.
I ordered the 500mw Digital Camera Preview package with 14dbi antenna upgrade and a Dimension Engineering (DE) Adjustable Voltage Regulator.

Inital thoughts:
- Less than one week for Ordering/Shipping/Arrival - Impressive!
- Very nicely packaged with peanuts, sealed bags, and cute little boxes.
- Components feel very "solid-state" yet sooo small - groovy!
- The Rx unit has a rechargeable internal/removable Lipo AWESOME!
- The little DE voltage regulator is pretty neat looking too - can't wait to wire it up!

Time to fire up the soldering iron and get this thing rolling!!
Need to:
- Solder connetors for power to Tx
- Shorten my dig camera cable
- Locate a small 7.4 lipo

More to come....
Posted by CrazyHerb | Feb 14, 2007 @ 02:44 AM | 5,172 Views
LVSpark's hacked by myself (Thanks for allowing me to get creative LVSpark!)

The object was to get the viewfinder as close to my normal field of view, or just under.

Seems to work pretty good connected to digital camera....RangeVideo equipment has been shipped and should be here in the next couple days!

Stay tuned for more.....