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Posted by xelaxor | Jan 07, 2010 @ 11:55 PM | 2,445 Views
So I finally joined a couple clubs here in the Keller/Watauga Area. I applied for AMA and I'm awaiting my membership card. This gives me confidence now to get back into the air with my planes; well soon to be.. or.. later... I only have 1 plane that doesn't fly atm, my super cub. Needs a new battery xD...

So I was looking at EDF's I really want a Art Tech F-18. I think I will get that. Just as a starter.

I have clearview RC sim, and I fly the F-16's there all the time. I fly 3d, and the 3d helis too. I'm confident in flying an EDF now.

I was also looking at the parkzone T-28D. It's a little more on the pricey side, but I love the Z-Foam and 2.4ghz spektrum. I need to sell my beat up Dx5 and maybe get another new one, or get a dx6i. Can't decide.

I know I can't go out and get these nonstop, i've saved 80$ in 2 weeks from my job. So I can wait a few more and get the F-18, or wait a few months and get the T-28. I really want to get in the air again!

Thanks :P
Posted by xelaxor | Aug 25, 2009 @ 11:35 PM | 2,647 Views
This was my ParkZone corsair that was flown through a double pane glass window, which cost me $300 to fix; out of my pocket.

Basically I flew it a few days prior to this, and everything was on the lowest possible rate. I didn't like the slow sloppy rolls it had, and the slow elevator, so I took it down to the field and put everything on the highest possible rate.

It flew great until... I flew in front of the sun For some reason I was flying and looked at the sun for a split second, and I got a sunspot in my eye and couldn't see my plane directly looking at it. I had to use my perefrial vision. I was wearing sunglasses and it was about 7:00 pm too... I took off my sunglasses and my forced myself to look at the plane, my eyes were watering so bad because of the glare of the sky now, and I lost orientation of the plane.

Now remember me saying I had everything on high rate? Well, now this thing was going crazy and I had no idea what was up, down, left, right, sideways. I cut the throttle and tried to get it back, not knowing it was flying away. I gave it throttle, pulled back and the plane went down, so I knew then i was flying upside down. I tried to correct myself but it was too late. Plane down...

I think I got across the park in about 20 seconds, and hauled ass over to the crash site. I looked in backyards but saw nothing. I was guessing it landed on the other house next door, or somewhere safe. While going across the front yard of the house I just looked for...Continue Reading
Posted by xelaxor | Aug 25, 2009 @ 11:20 PM | 2,578 Views
This here [was] my sukhoi 3d plane. I basically gutted the stock Sukhoi and built myself a micro 3d plane out of some 3Mm depron. It flew like a charm! I never really tinkered with it as much as I wanted too; mainly because of work and school. I hope UNGN [bought my sukhoi internals] enjoys these as much as I did.

Parkzone Sukhoi - Gutted (4 min 0 sec)