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Posted by verticalspark | Sep 29, 2012 @ 12:03 PM | 5,327 Views
Well my R/C hobby has been put on hold waiting for some parts. But this last monday as I was driving home someone hit my rear passenger tire as I was doing about 30mph. This sent me sideways and seeing as how I drive a jeep with a 5" lift and 35" it didnt take long for me to flip and bounce the jeep off the pavement. Not such a big deal but I bounced my head off the pavement as well so I spent most of Tuesday in the hospital only for them to tell me it was probably just a concussion...maybe. So 5 days later I still have a headache and Im pretty sure my poor jeep is totaled. Guess only time will tell.

Yesterday me and a good buddy went to a local gun store to look for a particular 22 mag rifle I wanted. Well it turns out that Ruger was having a sale this weekend. After some looking around and debating I settled on a 10/22 take down. And seeing as how they were offering them in a limited edition (1/1000) Multicam with a tan case I got it with a Bushnell Trophy red/green dot scope with 4 interchangeable reticles.
Posted by verticalspark | Sep 16, 2012 @ 07:58 PM | 5,469 Views
So I started to look around to see if anybody makes a GoPro mount for a dog. Turns out nobody does so I am going to try to build one of stuff I already have. Trying to not spend any money in the process.

I thinking of using the head mount and making a few cuts. The top head band will come off but the sides will not. So im going to make one cut in each side so I can get the side band off and use just the plate. Im going to trim the center hole out just wide enough to put the center strap in and attach the base plate to where the leash loop is.

I know the pics arnt the best but it should get the point across.

Now to ask the wife if I can butcher the dog harness

kelloggair has been nice enough to send me some control arms for my wing Im building. You can find the build thread Here. Gonna be an interesting experience if this little wing flys.


UPDATE: Doesent work. Sound idea but everything was way too blury. When she stopped or ran in a straight line the video was decent but when she turned everything went bad. And this dog almost never runs in straight lines.
Posted by verticalspark | Sep 02, 2012 @ 06:39 PM | 5,176 Views
So one of my good buddies was looking for a .45 to buy so he could have out here with him. So we have been looking and he decided on a m&p 45 until he got to the store and found a used glock 21c for a little over $400. Well I sold my 1911 and had 300 rounds laying around so we went shooting today. 300 rounds, 2 hours and lots of money to noise later I have fallen in love with this gun. Im not a huge fan of Glocks as the ones I have shot are not all that great in my opinion, but this gun is great! Is stupid accurate but being us there is some jacka$$ery which should explain the shots in the white. There is little recoil and almost no muzzle climb with it being compensated. And the best part is that he lives on base so it lives at my house