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Posted by PiperCub49 | Jan 14, 2013 @ 11:13 PM | 3,632 Views
New experience! The Esky Belt CP V2 is crazy fun, but I'll never switch to the dark side. Fixed wing all the way!
Posted by PiperCub49 | Jan 14, 2013 @ 11:05 PM | 3,664 Views
This is my first experience with FPV. My brother and I built this wing together. It used the dimensions of the ZII, but we chose a KF-m4 airfoil made with 1/2" Owen's Corning pink foam It flies wonderfully and is equally stable at extremely high and low airspeeds. We flew with a buddy box for our first FPV flights today and the whole experience was such a thrill!

Motor: Turnigy D3542/5 1250KV
ESC: HobbyKing Red Brick 60A ESC (Opto)
Prop: Master Airscrew 8.5x6 pusher
Servos: HK15138 38g/4.3kg/0.17s
RX: Berg 7P
Motor Battery: 2 x 4S 2200mAh (4S2P 4400mAh)
RX Battery: 4.8V 600mAh Ni-Cad

FPV setup:
TX/RX: Hobbyking 900MHz 800mW
Camera: SC2000 PZ0420
Battery: 3S 500mAh
Monitor: Haier 7"
Pan-Tilt: Homemade with one HXT900 (tilt) and one TGY-R5180MG

Any questions? Just ask!

Posted by PiperCub49 | Jan 08, 2012 @ 05:56 PM | 4,281 Views
I'm having a blast tearing up the sky with this plane. It really brings extreme 3D to an entirely new level.

Today, my brother, dad, and I shoveled a runway out on the lake. What fun!
Posted by PiperCub49 | Dec 23, 2011 @ 09:53 PM | 4,516 Views
My brother, friend, and I built this for a school project. If you want any details, just ask. Otherwise, I'll just post the pictures and video. That's really what most people care about anyway.

The assignment was to make a commercial. I did my best to throw together a slow, stable plane ASAP and take some aerial footage. My commercial is advertising a make-believe aerial photography service. Here is the result:

Aerial Photography from Blue Core Foamy (WINDY!) (2 min 8 sec)

Posted by PiperCub49 | Dec 23, 2011 @ 09:36 PM | 4,828 Views
Plans from here on RCG (please ask if you need help finding them!)
Material: 6mm fan-fold foam, 1mm depron
Wingspan: 15.7"
Airfoil: Kfm2
Weight w/ battery: 34.4g
Brick: AR6400
Motor: Bravo SX
Prop: GWS 5043
Battery: Hyperion 180mAh
All CF, pushrods, and torque tubes from battle-worn Sukhoi.

16" Dead Simple Wing (0 min 58 sec)

Dead Simple Wing 2 (3 min 8 sec)
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Posted by PiperCub49 | Dec 12, 2009 @ 09:41 PM | 6,955 Views
This one was originally built for rubber band and flew very nicely as such. It has since been converted to 3ch R/C here:

More info on the original build here:


If there are any questions, feel free to shoot me a PM. Thanks for looking!

Posted by PiperCub49 | Oct 04, 2009 @ 03:32 PM | 6,264 Views
She flies wonderfully and I enjoy each flight more than the last!

-Motor: UH 1811 (

-Receiver: Berg 4L (

-ESC: Turnigy 6g 6A (

-Battery: TP 2S 250mah Li-Po (

-Servo: Blue Arrow Double Servo (Very difficult to find these days...)

-Covering: Coverite Microlite (

AUW: 104g (with battery)
Posted by PiperCub49 | Feb 14, 2009 @ 03:35 PM | 7,513 Views
This is a trainer offered to me as a "throw around" plane by my club president. It actually has a very interesting history to it, as it was found in a trashcan all beat up. I do my best to make sure that I can give him back more than "just the electronics and engine out of it," as that is all he requested.
Posted by PiperCub49 | Nov 06, 2008 @ 07:45 PM | 7,124 Views
Although I have not musterd up the confidence to try making the 1/millionth-scale floats, I have done just about everything else. Can anyone say small? Here she is so far:
Posted by PiperCub49 | Nov 06, 2008 @ 07:37 PM | 7,075 Views
This is the first decent (not Airhogs) aircraft that I ever flew. It was EXTREMELY under-powered with a 8.4v 600mah Ni-MH. The wheels were also too small to track straight. Because of this, my brother (kpriddle on RCGroups) and I replaced it with an 11.1v 1250mah Common Sense RC Li-Po. Now she climbs almost vertical at full throttle with hands off! We also outfitted our bird with a pair of Du-bro 1-1/2" foam wheels. She's beat up due to her previously under-powered climb rate and a pre-sim pilot. But now she'll do anything an upper wing 3ch will do. At only $65 from Raidentech, this plane is practically a steal. Well, enough talk. Here she is...
Posted by PiperCub49 | Nov 06, 2008 @ 07:14 PM | 7,113 Views
Here's my first fuel aircraft...