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Posted by MtnGoat | Dec 02, 2010 @ 02:10 AM | 11,706 Views
Well, I am following my practice of non practicing to post. Or something.

As always, fun to see the last ten visitors. Never quite sure how to read the list of visitors, given the disparity in various views between many of us. I figure it's just folks looking to see a little about those they're posting with, just for some flavor.

Well, here's the flavor of the someone said I wanted corporations to 'run wild', and when I asked how they could 'run wild' when they would still face just laws against theft, fraud, violence, and bodily harm....I got nothing.

Now, usually I'll get something like 'well maybe so but it couldn't be perfect'. Well, nothing ever is. I can't see non perfection as a reasonable objection.