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Posted by markd02 | Jan 27, 2011 @ 12:49 PM | 8,565 Views
So I've had one of these, it didn't end well, (see Thorjet F104 No.1)
Then another one comes up on... yep... you guessed it....ebay

Sensible mature Mark thinks,....... "Leave it, you've had one, get something else, preferably with wings this time"

Young and foolish Mark thinks,........... "Go for it, it was the stupid dolly sticking that made it crash, it'll be fine, you know you want one"

So, 3 days later I'm on my way home from somewhere near Birmingham with a hand painted (in what looks like Dulux!!) Thorjet F104, and I'm 50 quid poorer including petrol.

It didnt end well.

Maiden flight, September 2010,
Away she goes, perfect take off and dolly still on the ground, Oh No!! badly out of trim!!!, aaargh, cant stop overcorrecting, this isn't fun at all!! "shut up sensible Mark, I know you told me this would happen, Stop giggling foolish Mark this is all your fault".... aaarrgh!!!! Oh No!! lost orientation in that turn from all the stick wiggling!! MAYDAY MAYDAY I'm going in!! NNOOOOOO!!

Things i learnt are:
1: That setup is DAMN powerful and sounds fantastic
2: Starfighters are very fast very pointy things that need to be trimmed properly
3; I want another one, (but not just yet).
Posted by markd02 | Jan 27, 2011 @ 11:27 AM | 8,689 Views
This Thorjet Starfighter was picked up on ebay for not a lot, the airframe was practically finished, but needed a lot of conversion, i.e.

IC DF to EDF - It was full of lithoplate for a 45 ic installation which all had to come out to save a bit of weight, then an Airpower 120mm Ducted fan fitted.

Snakes to direct linkages - All the snakes were extremely tight and pretty useless, which I imagine is why the original builder lost interest. I ripped them all out and fitted servos as close to their flying surfaces as possible.

Final finishing - I pimped the intakes a bit to make them a bit more scale, removed the fixed landing gear, (yuk), added various hatches, nose cones etc. and gave the whole thing the glasscloth treatment before painting.

The set up was:
120mm Airpower fan
mega motors 120 brushless Inrunner,
2 x 6s 5000mah LiPo in series (44v)
Castle creations HV100A ESC
Various metal gear servos (cant remember which)
Power output was around 3600W and sounded fantastic
Weighed around 11lb

Unfortunately the take off dolly stuck on the maiden flight, caused me a few probs then decided to drop off in a turn which pitched the nose up badly, got me all out of shape which resulted in an almighty splat. A better flyer might have saved it but a better flyer wasn't flying it that day, so that just goes in the list of "what you should have done is....." Still, things i learnt are:
1: That setup is DAMN powerful and sounds fantastic
2: Starfighters are very fast very pointy things that need 3 counties for a turn radius.
3; I want another one.
Posted by markd02 | Jan 26, 2011 @ 06:35 PM | 6,367 Views
heres my twin EDF Gloster Meteor. This one turned out to be a beautiful flyer, fast, nimble, rock steady with a really long glide. 2 x lander 68mm fans, 6s 4900mah LiPo, 8lbs all up weight. Take off is by a trike dolly, I like to leave undercarriage off as i dont like fixed gear, and retracts are nothing but grief on a grass strip, you just know that eventually they're going to rip out and cause loads of damage. I find a few strips of Duck tape on the parts of the underside that take the landing is enough to keep things in good condition, easy to replace and can even be sprayed to match the rest of the plane. If anyone's interested I can post more pictures of the build.
I found the maiden video so I've added it, had to delete t he sound though because the cameraman couldn't stop swearing!

meteor maiden (3 min 55 sec)

Posted by markd02 | Jan 26, 2011 @ 06:07 PM | 6,364 Views
This is my IA 58 Pucara, Argentinian COIN/ Grd Attack plane, hot wired foam and balsa sheeted then glassed.
2 x thumper 35/36 on 4s 4100mAh LiPo
Nice flyer but it does tend to fishtail a bit in a moderate wind, it could probably do with a bit larger tail surfaces but I like to keep proportions as near as full size as i can.