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Posted by beladog | May 22, 2011 @ 06:23 PM | 12,284 Views
Ok so here is an abbreviated how to.
striking similarities between other models exist so many steps will work with other cameras as well. For example the A/V inputs etc etc.

This will remove the heavy cumbersome case and create a plug and play, FPV ready, Live out feeding, True HD camera, that is every bit as advanced and capable as a Go Pro, but only half the weight and much more streamlined!
If along the way you need more detail or explanation please feel free to post a comment with your question and I will modify the thread.

For now I will explain the basics which will get you well under way. I will go into much more detail with advanced techniques for really stripping down the camera and knocking off about another 15g! in just a few days as time permits.
Good Luck!!!

All the pictures are labeled with basic instructions and the picture descriptions go into a little more detail. Please read both carefully
If you do not own a LEAD FREE soldering station I would Highly recommend getting one. All the Solder on EVERY Aiptek is lead free. Adversly you should only be replacing/using a blend of leaded solder For all the steps below. I use and recommend 60/40 rosin core. Radio shack still carries this and its the best for strength and ease of use..032 is a great size for all your RC needs from .050 needle work up to 8gauge battery wire!

here is where I got IMO the best station money can buy at a price...Continue Reading