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Posted by beladog | Oct 02, 2010 @ 04:52 AM | 14,314 Views
Instructions and tips for operating the
Hd Fpv Camera

AHD+/PRO models
1). Plug the Video (Yellow) servo connector into your video display device (i.e. Video Transmitter, OSD or adapted A/V cables provided with your camera). Take note of the wire color. Black is ground and White is video signal wire. Please make sure they match the receiving plug. Installing these backward will damage your camera and void warranty.

2). Plug the Audio (black, female housing) connector into your Audio receiving device ( transmitter or adapted A/V cable provided with your camera). Take note of the wire color. Red is Ground and White is Audio signal wire.

3).Plug the Red Power Plug into your power source (i.e. on board receiver or any 4.8V source (5VMax).

4).instal the loose "control knob" microchip into the main camera housing if it is not already installed, so it is centered on the housing.

5). Depress the small button on the end of the black twisted wires. If this is wrapped inside of heatshrink tubing, pinch with fingers until a small click is felt. At this point two Blue LED indicator lights on the small removable "control knob" chip should be lit up solid.
Pro models will have one blue led lit.

6)*. (See 6.1 below for Pro models)
Access "A/V Out" function and "ready" your camera (A-HD+ models) by pressing the control knob "Down Once", then press "In Once".
If your camera is attached to an A/
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