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Posted by SPasierb | Jan 16, 2011 @ 11:48 AM | 18,155 Views
First flown in 1974, the full scale Alexander Schleicher GmbH & Co. ASK 18 was designed by Rudolf Kaiser (the K in the aircraft designation). Its known to be a big, tough, docile sailplane and was the last of the AS sailplanes to use traditional construction methods.

The fabric-covered fuselage has roots back to the Ka8 and is comprised of welded steel tube and spruce longerons with only the nose area in fiberglass. The wings are 16 meters and have wooden spars and plywood covered ailerons. Tail surfaces come from the K10. It has a fixed (non-retractable) main wheel with a brake and no tail wheel, rather a simple skid.

This model, orignially constructed some time ago by Tom Augustine of California, is a 1/3rd scale replica with a slightly stretched wingspan of 5.3 meters (209 inches tip to tip). The fuselage is by Rosenthal and the wing a kit from Bayer CNC Modellbautech. Airfoil is a HQ 3-15. Control surfaces are rudder, elevator, ailerons and airbrakes. A standard tube tow release is fitted in the nose. Wing surfaces are covered in fabric with paint accents while the fuselage in PPG automotive paint. A 1:3 scale Alex pilot bust is fitted in the cockpit.

Last winter I refinished the fuselage, updated servos, detailed the wings and tails, and replaced all the switches/fuselage wiring. Today the plane operates on 2.4G on 2x 5000 Ni-Cad packs for redundancy.

While my personal tastes tend toward the need for speed, this beautiful ASK fits my fleet well...Continue Reading
Posted by SPasierb | Jan 12, 2011 @ 06:30 PM | 15,984 Views
After taking all of 2010 off from this blog, it's time to live up to New Year's resolutions. Easing my way into this by simply posting up some key photos of the evolution of my 1/3 scale Fox.

The build thread and greater detail can be found here:

While there were quite a few small issues with this airframe in the assembly stage, this is beyond doubt one of the most enjoyable sailplanes I have flown. It takes whatever I give it and can do most of what I ask it to.