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Posted by SPasierb | Oct 31, 2009 @ 05:15 PM | 18,262 Views
Newest addition to the fleet is a well-built and lightly used Nimbus 4D in 1:5 scale. That equates to 5.2M (204") span, flying at 155 ounces on 12 channels (4x ailerons, 2x flaps, 2x airbrakes, rudder, elevator, wheel retract , and tow release). After evicting a Barbie doll from the back seat and recruiting a new pilot from Etienne at ICARE, I've been flying this beauty most every weekend.

Looks fantastic on tow as the wings do the usual Nimbus curve and I've really been impressed with how well it thermals given the very narrow chord of the wings -- just 7.75 inches at the root!. Landings are a joy, but care must be taken to land level as those skinny tips like to catch in the grass.

The only downside to this plane is partly the fault of my eyesight... at altitude the thin, narrow wings disappear. I've added wide red swaths to the bottom of each wing with a Swiss cross at the center to appear scale-like. Works well, but this winter I'm going to remove both and go much larger.

More information on the airframe here at ICARE:

And, if you want to spring for a real one, look no further than:

Too busy flying it to take photos! Here are a few...