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Posted by SPasierb | Aug 30, 2009 @ 05:21 PM | 18,055 Views
Who cares if the ceiling is so low some of the treetops looked fuzzy? We came to fly and fly we did. It was "maiden" day for Bob's new tow plane. It's been flying for a few weeks, but today it really went to work with a glider on its six.

Pictured here is Bob Morrow's beautiful new Super Cub running an Eflite 160 motor, HV110 controller, 20x8 prop on 10S LiPo power. Tows at 60% throttle. Following behind is my trustly old SGS 1-26B. Aerotow is wonderful when both planes are scale. Dumb luck that the color schemes coordinate perfectly.

Look out Fairfield County!

More details on the Super Club -- see Bob's blog at:

Posted by SPasierb | Aug 28, 2009 @ 08:39 AM | 18,094 Views
Need to know what a cockpit looks like? Here's one nice resource. Not exhaustive, but some good examples heavy on jets.

Simply click on the plane and up pop a close up photograph of the cockpit and relevant specs on the airframe.



Posted by SPasierb | Aug 27, 2009 @ 07:10 PM | 20,216 Views
From the full scale description: The Moswey series of sailplanes were begun in Switzerland in the 1930ís and the "3" was the first full production design introduced in 1943. It has a hexagonal fuselage forward, with a large beam under the pilotís seat containing the control. The fuselage cross-section changes to a diamond in the aft section. The gull wings disguise the aerobatic capabilities of the ship, which is stressed for 12 g. The sailplane has a fixed landing skid, taking off on a jettisonable wheeled dolly. Glidepath control is by air-brakes.

Span 14.0 m./ 45.9 ft
Area 12.63 sq. m. / 136 sq.ft.
Aspect ratio 15.5
Empty weight 138 kg. / 304 lb.
Payload 100 kg. / 220 lb.
Gross weight 238 kg. / 524 lb.
Wing loading 18.84 kg. / sq. m. / 3.85 lb. / sq. ft.
Structure All wood; semi-monocoque fuselage, cantilevered wings and tail, fabric covered.
Number built 14

I can attest to the fact that my 3.2 meter model is both aerobatic and able to thermal well. I am the third caretaker of this beauty which has lived in CA, UT and now CT. It's a scratch-build by Ron Gustin. Wings are built-up with fabric covering. Fuselage is balsa and spruce gel coated and finished to a high gloss. The Moswey tows beautifully and strikes a nice figure in the sky.

Here are a few shots taken my myself and others at the 2009 SKSS Aerotow in Newark, DE...