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Posted by SPasierb | Sep 21, 2008 @ 01:45 PM | 5,443 Views
Hat's off to the folks at the Wintonbury Flying Club for hosting the 2008 IMAA Giant Scale fly-in. I only had the opportunity to attend on Saturday, but I had a great time watching some fine pilots and beautiful aircraft.

I enjoyed a few flights on my H9 B-25. I was also -- once again -- the only one flying electric power.

Here are a few shots. First some of the 3D giants, then some beautiful WWII and WWI aircraft. The most impressive was the P-51 running an inline three cylinder engine. Super speed and sound. Gets my vote for best all-around aircraft at the event.

This is a beautiful flying field, both paved and grass runways. The club offered tons of food, an extensive product raffle and some truly nice folks to meet and talk with. Watch out for this event around Labor Day 2009 --

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Posted by SPasierb | Sep 01, 2008 @ 11:29 AM | 6,295 Views
After many delays getting back to this project, a successful maiden flight occured Sunday morning!

I chose to build my Sea Fury as a belly-lander without retracts since I fly from a grass park field that tends to be cut fairly thick. This airframe is intended for retracts, but I have been monitoring the lack of success of these on anything other than smooth surfaces where they work just fine.

Equipment installed is along the lines of the manufacturer specifications: Park 480 outrunner motor, Jeti Advance 40 Amp ESC, 3S 2000 mAh LiPo, HS55 servos all around, FSK blades installed in a Manzano Laser 5-blade hub. I went with the Manzano spinner for now -- however it's a bit too small.

Winds for the first flight were gusty up to 15, but the plane didn't seem to mind. It's jumped into the air thanks to plenty of thrust. The launch was no problem whatsoever, holding the fuse behind the wing, a heave up at nearly a 30 degree angle and away it went without event. Performance in the air was excellent. Roll rate was very good and axial. Nice round loops.

The 5-blade prop is downright funny at points -- putting the plane in a full throttle dive into the wind had it HOWLING. The plane does tend to overfly the prop. Crusing at just over half throttle it was mostly quiet. The yellow tips on the blade look great in flight.

Landing was simply a gentle set up turning into the wind, glide on final and then down with a tiny flare onto the grass. After flying the Alfa warbirds, I landed this heavier bird in the same manner. I did honestly anticipate breaking a prop blade on landing, but they came through just fine this time around.

So far, so good. Very happy!

Here are a few shots of the plane safely back at home...