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Posted by SPasierb | Aug 31, 2008 @ 08:00 PM | 5,388 Views
A few select photos from the 2008 Silent Kinghts Soaring Society Electric Aerotow. The event was held August 22-24 at the beautiful SKSS flying field in White Clay Creek Park outside Newark, Delaware. A must for the 2009 calendar!

I can highly recommend this event to anyone even midly interested in soaring and aerotow. Pilots ranged from beginner to old hat and everyone flew in a mutually-supportive environment. The entire team at SKSS put their hearts into producing an enjoyable event. From a superb flying site (great nature trails on site and things to do in the Brandywine Valley for the rest of the family) to expertly run operations, from far too much good food to many many fun people. A great range of models -- from ARFs to finely crafted 5 meter works of art.

I have been flying sailplanes for 25+ years and scale from slopes nearly as long, but this was my first large, formal aerotow. I could not have been more impressed by the tow pilots who made every trip a success. I brought along my trusty old 2.6 meter Discus that lives on the slope -- now outfitted with a nose release and the larger World Models Minimoa that will be my review feature in the April 2009 issue of Fly RC.

I did three trips on the Discus just to get the cobwebs out -- specking it out once. Five trips were made on the Minimoa. Save the first which was more about getting the plane trimmed, all the remaing flights found great lift. On two occasions I had to employ my full landing mode...Continue Reading
Posted by SPasierb | Aug 17, 2008 @ 03:25 PM | 13,435 Views
Here are a few additional shots of the Hangar 9 B-25. I can highly recommend this airplane. This is Hangar 9's first twin bomber and much like the rest of their line of warbirds, they got it right on the first try! I thoroughly enjoy flying mine and it looks fantastic in the air.

For those interested in an e-power version of this airframe, there are two current magazine reviews just on the streets that I'd like to point you to. First, my glow and e-power comparision in the October 2008 edition of Fly RC magazine ( Next, Mike Hoffmeister's excellent review in the September edition of Sport RC Flyer.

An interesting point, Mike in his text mentions that upon trying 5S power he feels that the recommended 4S is generally better, more scale-like and does not push the power system as hard. He just saved me some $ as I was about to try 5S! My plane performs very well on 4S, so I'll take his word for it and stick with what I have.

PLANE: B-25 Mitchell
DISTRIBUTOR: Horizon Hobby, Inc.
TYPE: Twin-engine bomber ARF
FOR: 2-stroke glow or electric
WINGSPAN: 80.7 in.
WING AREA: 851 sq. in.
WEIGHT: 14 lb. 10 oz. glow, 16 lb. electric
WING LOADING: 39.5 (glow) 43.3 (electric) oz./sq. ft.
LENGTH: 63 in.
RETRACTS: Robart custom for Hangar 9
RADIO: 6 channels or more required; flown with a JR 9303 2.4Gz transmitter, R921 2.4Gz receiver, 8 JR Digital Sport DS821servos and 3 JR 331 Micro servos
...Continue Reading