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Posted by SPasierb | Jun 28, 2008 @ 03:50 PM | 5,858 Views
Gotta love this airplane!

My Hangar 9 B-25 on electric power. 80.7" wingspan. 16 pounds. The folks at Hangar 9 and Horizon Hobbies did themselves proud on this one. Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!

Read the entire review of this airplane in the October 2008 issue Fly RC Magazine!

Posted by SPasierb | Jun 17, 2008 @ 09:34 AM | 6,066 Views
Two things happened on the train this morning during my too long commute. Okay, more than two and there was that "loud talking" lady that many of us wanted to toss out onto the tracks to watch her bounce, but I digress...

First, scanning sale ads I came across a sweet sailplane that was in mint condition. Back in the day it was seriously advanced for its time. The selling price was steep, so you really had to want it -- it had been for sale in the past with many lookers, but sadly no takers. Compared to the composite molded, new airfoil offerings of today, it would be seriously outclassed in the air. So was this fine airframe from history worth the price? So subjective.

That’s what I love about this hobby and also where love comes into play. We put time and craft into models, care for them, take great joy in flying them, but as they age some we kick to the curb while fondness grows for others and they end up in the archive. Then one day we put it on the market at what our heart says is a fair price. The love clouds our view of an airplane’s value to others. They’re not wrong. And, I'd sumbit, neither are we.

Then, a few more miles down the tracks, I came across this photo in another blog and the two items just knitted together in my silly mind with a smile. The latest and greatest airframe innovation has been eclipsed many, many times and will be again. Nothing is “rust-proof.” Nothing is forever.

Have a great day!
Posted by SPasierb | Jun 14, 2008 @ 06:24 PM | 6,040 Views
I've been flying and beating my Alfa Corsair for many years now. I decided after its last case of sudden deacceleration syndrome it would look better at the bottom of a garbage can -- it gave me years of fun and owed me absolutely nothing. I've had two Alfa kits gathering dust in my basement for many years -- the plain blue F4U Corsair and the Lavochkin La7.

You have to love the fast build and satisfying results these Alfa's offer. Here are a few quick shots of each.

The Corsair is straight-forward. MP Jet 28/7-35D blue outrunner motor, Jeti 18 controller, GWS 9x5x3 prop, two HS55 servos, flying 3S 1250 Mah Lipo. I had this exact set-up in the old Corsair and it flew fantastic. The GWS prop is okay in the performance department and great from a looks standpoint. It creates a nice yellow arc in flight. For all around performace at lower amps, an APC two-blade is the better choice.

The La7 (last of the flying grand pianos) was a good occasion to play with water-based markers and some silver on the cowl to oil-stain and distress the airframe a bit. This is also on the MP Jet 28/7-35D blue outrunner, HXT 18A controller, two HS55 servos, APC 9x6 SF prop, 3S 1250 Mah LiPo.

If you are fond of the Alfa offerings or interested in learning more, I highly recommend this thread by Stuart Wayne:

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