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Posted by SPasierb | Mar 01, 2008 @ 07:32 PM | 6,921 Views

Span: 42" 1066 mm
Area: ''super light wing loading'' 0.359 m2
Target weight: 48oz
Motor: 450W to 600W
Prop 13x4 to 14x7
Power: 3S to 4S lipoly

The latest from the basement on a cold March 1st. I've followed the R&D on the model for over a year. Designed in Israel, manufactured in China (like most everything these days). After months and months of scrutiny, I can say without reservation that this is one of the nicest, most well-designed ARF models available.

ZG did a superb job keeping the weight very low. The majority of buyers will look to this as a 3D model and that's certain the category it was designed to fulfill. However, I plan to fly it pattern like the original Pitts.

To say the plane "fell together" would not be an understatement. Exceptional throughout. I took extra time to paint-out screw heads and the like. Finishing touches consisted of a "virtual cockpit" using the good old color printer, a vacuum-formed radial engine painted somewhat close to accurate, and a coat of aluminum paint on the APC e-prop to dress it up a bit. Here are the specs on the equipment installed:

Scorpion 3026-12
Scorpion 70A esc
Thunder Power eXtreme V2 25c 3S 3850 Mah
4x HS65MG
APC 13x6.5 (silver finish)
Goldberg 2" spinner
All of the hardware painted out black or lemon yellow to match

Superb flyer!

Here's the link to the long original thread here on RC Groups: