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Posted by SPasierb | Nov 20, 2007 @ 10:36 AM | 6,268 Views
My friends know that, to maintain a small bit of sanity from my work life, I am a contributing writer to Fly RC Magazine. A few months ago I did this story at their request, but it got double-assigned and lost in the shuffle. So, here's the version that never ran.

Cermark Ultimate ARF
Show the parkflyers who’s boss!

Ultimate ARF
TYPE: Wood construction ARF
FOR: 3D maneuvers and aerobatics
WINGSPAN: 30 in.
WING AREA: 300 sq. in.
WING LOADING: 13 oz./sq. ft.
LENGTH: 31 in.
RADIO: 4 channels; flown with a JR 9303 transmitter, JR R610M 6-channel sub-micro receiver, four Hitec HS 55 servos on rudder, elevator and ailerons.
POWER SYSTEM: Cermark CEM 2824-1030 brushless outrunner motor, APC 11 x 5.5 E prop, Cermark ESC 20-BL 20-amp speed control, FMA Cellpro 11.1V 1250mAh 15C Li-Poly battery.
FULL THROTTLE POWER: 19 amps static, 215 watts; 8 W/oz., 128 W/lb.
TOP RPM: 7400
DURATION: 7-8 minutes of spirited 3D flying. One could cruise for much longer, but why?
MINIMAL FLYING AREA: Park or RC club field
PRICE: $119.95
COMPONENTS NEEDED TO COMPLETE: Motor, battery and radio equipment. Cermark Part # CEM Adpter28, prop shaft adapter is required with the recommended Cermark motor.

Cermark’s Ultimate ARF is a satisfying model in every respect. Open the box and you’ll immediately be struck by an attention-grabbing 5-color factory applied covering scheme and a kit that is both complete...Continue Reading