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Posted by Aerogance | Aug 02, 2010 @ 02:21 AM | 9,668 Views
I noticed I have been busy coming up with different DS glider designs. Here is a list of what I have so far (as of 10/2012, listed from smallest span to longest span):

Harbinger 16 - Maiden completed. Smallest DS plank? This will be my entry into the Nano DS segment. **UPDATE** The Harbinger suffered catastrophic hangar rash and is no more. Once my new shop is set up I intend to build another one to get the Nano DS craze started!

MiniDS 28 - 2nd fastest "tweety" in the world! 167mph top speed!! First tweety to break the 150mph barrier! It was destroyed, may redesign to take back the Tweety record.

Vole 33 Cheap, quick and dirtly little homebrew plank. 132mph and only 15oz! This plane represents perhaps quickest way to build a rapid prototype glider that has both exceptional flying characteristics and incredible durability at a near-zero cost in materials. **UPDATE** The Vole is still flying, the RP construction method used has proven to be exceptionally durable, more so than many "normal" planes.

Weasel EVO BSP Special - Fastest Weasel in the world! 179mph top speed! It took some damage at BSP, but still flies great. 200mph seems realistic.

Rotor Eater 48 - Development cycle has resumed. Cutting edge fabrication makes this the most advanced production EPP glider kit ever. This plane will usher in a new generation of high performance EPP planes on par with precision moulded composite airframes. **UPDATE** Shopping for new suppliers of critical components, project will get back on track soon.

Daisy Cutter 60 - Current max speed 282mph. 300 mph is realistic and may have been exceeded on previous flight without radar.

Daisy Cutter 2M Any future development of the DC series will be centered on a 2 meter span with the same fuselage shape. Airfoil will be refined to reduce wing loading requirements. Aspect ratio will be greatly increased.

Daisy Cutter 110 - Project cancelled.