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Posted by skydve76 | Mar 13, 2012 @ 12:01 PM | 8,620 Views
I must admit that I am not really an "RC" guy. This hobby, from what I have learned, was originally equal parts of building, fellowship, and flying. With the introduction of RTF and ARF aircraft, It has become more about flying with some fellowship. I am more into just flying.

I am not big into the fellowship side and found I dont fit in with most RC people. Its nothing personal, just more of a culture thing.

I find many obsess over the hobby, and take it way too serious. I consider all of these things to be toys. While there is some danger, they are still toys designed for nothing more than to entertain me. I do not think I am a real pilot becuase I do RC. I do not liken myself to the airforce because I do RC. I DO NOT consider doing rc a way to "honor the military". I am not High on my horse because I think RC is some sort of rocket science. I certainly never deter anyone from the hobby nor have I ever told anyone they cant fly something for whatever reason.

In my opion, in terms of percieved skill level, all it comes down to is how much money someone wants to spend. I know people who have tens of thousands into RC and they are considered experts (despite they crash fairly regularly). I also know people who only fly foam and never crash and have much more creativity. I find this interesting in the hobby that the "boy with the most expensive toys" is the expert. This is an aspect I do not like at all about this...Continue Reading