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Posted by JustFlyingRC | Nov 25, 2017 @ 12:57 PM | 1,881 Views
ZETA FX-79 Buffalo from Banggood destroyed while in transit and Banggood won't give money back or send new!

Wing came destroyed and package was a wreck! I sent Banggood a complaint with pictures showing the wreck, but they are not willing to pay all back, even though I paided extra for insurance.
In the meantime there is an open complaint through paypal, even now BG is only willing to pay back 67.74 EUR, but I paid in all together 98.63 EUR. Pay me my money back or send me a new one.

Hier is what I wrote to banggood:
Subject: Package was broken,OrderID:37125836Hallo, last week I received a letter from costoms office to pick up the Zeta-FX-79.

At the costums office the package looked like the Chinese national soccer club missused my package practicing for Olympia-play-offs...

Not only was the package damaged from the outside, the foam of the FX-79 was bent multiple times, too many bents to repair!

I made all 9 pics at the costums office for proof, but this (BG)-site will only upload 3 pics, if you need more, let me know.The Zeta-FX-79 was to damaged to accept, I left it at the costums office to be sent back, Acceptance refused!!!Please send me a new Zeta-FX-79, but this time MUCH BETTER PACKAGED!!!

I paid extra for insurance. Best regards